APA June 2007 Newsletter

As usual the APA proudly joined in with PUC (Pagan unity Campaign) 
to work on the I AM A PAGAN post card campaign, this year 
we also had a local NC ‘protest’ campaign against a NC 
offical who had a hateful reply to a 06 IAM post card.

From: Pagan Unity Campaign
Subject: Rep. Mark Hilton pushing religion as a elected representative.
Date: June 13, 2007
Contact: Ginger Strivelli (empressginger@charter.net),
 Fallon Glenn (fallon_glenn@yahoo.com)

Every year the Pagan Unity Campaign hosts the "I Am Campaign." 
The campaign serves as a reminder from Pagan's and Pagan 
friendly persons that we are Americans and that we vote. 
On May 23, 2007, a North Carolina member of the Pagan Unity 
Campaign sent along her "I Am" campaign email to North 
Carolina Representative Mark Hilton. 

His response? "Jesus is the only answer."

When Representative Hilton took office, he swore an oath 
to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, 
as well as the Constitution of North Carolina. The 
Constitution expressly forbids a government employee 
from using his or her position to push religious beliefs 
upon another. 

The Pagan Unity Campaign would like to remind Representative 
Hilton that it is a grave misuse of the trust placed in him 
by North Carolina citizens, as well as a grave misuse of his 
position as a member of the North Carolina state legislature, 
to use his position to proselytize his religious views 
to his constituents. 

Representative Hilton is free to believe whatever he may so 
choose. However, when Representative Hilton responds to a 
constituent as a state employee, he has absolutely no 
business proselytizing. He was not elected to represent and 
listen to constituents of all beliefs and of no beliefs. 

If he cannot do that, he should step down to make room for 
someone who can do the job. 

You can contact Representative Mark Hilton at:
The Honorable Mark Hilton
NC House of Representatives
16 W. Jones Street, Room 1021
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096
Email: Markh@ncleg.net
Phone: 919-733-5988




Calliope, (The Fair voiced who governs epic poetry and writing) 
Clio, (The Proclaimer who governs history) 
Erato, (The Lovely who governs love poetry) 
Euterpe, (The Giver of Pleasure who governs music) 
Melpomene, (The Songtress who governs tragedies) 
Polyhymnia, (She of Many Hymns, who governs sacred poetry) 
Terpsichore , (The Twirling Dancer who governs dancing) 
Thalia, (The Flourishing who governs comedy)
and Urania, (The Heavenly governs astronomy.) 

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