Feb 2007 APA newsletter

APA Feb Newsletter


Suggested Fiction reading for Witches of all Ages:

Harry potter series- J.K. Rowling
Dresden Files Series- Jim Butcher
As if they were Gods-Kate Cameron
Wizard of Oz Series-Frank Baum
Life and times of Santa Claus-Frank Baum
The Jack Tales- Richard Chase
Grandmother Spider brings the Sun-Geri Keams
Mists of Avalon series- Marion Zimmer Bradley
Winged Pharaoh-Joan Grant


From: Pagan Unity Campaign (PUC)
Subject: PUCís Imbolc Campaign for Religious Freedom!
Date: January 20, 2007
Contact: EmpressGinger@charter.net

On January 4, 2007 the 110th Congress of the United States officially
took office. This Congress is the most religiously diverse
Congress ever; with members from various faiths including a Muslim, and two Buddhists!

The Pagan Unity Campaign would like to encourage the whole Pagan community 
to join with us on February 2, 2007 to remind our elected
officials of the important role religious diversity and freedom of
religion has, and will continue, to play in our society. Please call,
email, and fax your elected officials on February 2, 2007 and ask simply for
them to support freedom of religion for ALL Americans. 

 As Voltaire once said, "If you have two religions in your land, the
two will cut each other's throats; but if you have thirty religions,
they will dwell in peace." With the diversity and hope this new
Congress brings, it is time for all religions to be accepted and honored in the USA.

You can email the president  at comments@whitehouse.gov 
and the vice-president at vice_president@whitehouse.gov  
You can call the white house at 202-456-1111
and fax the white house at 202-456-2461

You can find contact information for your Senators at:

You can find contact information for your Representatives at:


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