APA Jan 2007 newsletter

APA Newsletter Jan 2007

2007 has begun…time flies…and flies and flies. And still no 
hover craft cars, or Space Colonies or robots to do my housework


Wolf Moon.  
Jan. 3, 8:57 a.m. EST - 
Also called the Old Moon ’Tis a  time for the last 
stockpiling of wood and food for the biggest winter snows 
coming up next moon cycle.

-The Snow Moon. 
Feb. 2, 12:45 a.m. EST 
A time to avoid hunting and gathering and rely on your 
stockpiles…stay home and snuggle.

-The  Sap Moon. 
March 3, 6:17 p.m. EST 
Also called Worm Moon. Both these names refer to the 
returning signs of spring worms returning to the ground 
bringing back the birds and the sap flowing in the trees 
again bring back the leaves. A total lunar eclipse will 
take place with this full moon. The Moon will rise in the 
Shadow here in Appalachia. A very powerful time for renewal 
spells, with the trifecta of the New Sap moon, the Eclipse 
and the nearness to the Equinox too.

-The Pink Moon.
April 2, 1:15 p.m. EDT 
In refernce to the first flowers of spring.

The Corn Moon. 
May 2, 6:09 a.m. EDT - 
Selu, the Cherokee Corn Mother was honored this moon cycle 
with her planting time.
The Blue Moon. 
May 31, 9:04 p.m. EDT - 
The second full Moon within a calendar month is called the Blue 
moon. An excellent time for ‘odd’ spells,

The  Strawberry Moon amoung the Cherokee and other nearby tribes….
The Celtic tribes called it the Rose Moon. 

June 30, 9:49 a.m. EDT - 
Of course a traditional time to marry or take romantic trips, 
if you are already married.

The Buck Moon, Or the Thunder Moon.
July 29, 8:48 p.m. EDT - 
 The dear’s budding antlers and the year’s biggest thunder 
storms being noted this moon cycle by the names.

The  Green Corn  Moon, Also known as the Fishing Moon or 
Red moon
Aug. 28, 6:35 a.m. EDT - 
 A total lunar eclipse will happen at moonset also this day 
here in Appalachia. 

The Harvest Moon. 
Sept. 26, 3:45 p.m. EDT - 
Always the full Moon occurring nearest to the Autumnal Equinox. 
Corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice-- the chief 
staples of the Cherokee--are now ready for gathering. 

The Hunter's Moon. 
Oct. 26, 12:52 a.m. EDT - 
With the Harvest finshed it is time to hunt to stockpile 
food for the Harfest feasts and for winter. The Moon will 
also be at perigee on that day, at 7:00 a.m., at a distance 
of 221,676 miles from Earth. Very high tides will mark the 
event. Great time for Ocean magic.

The Frost Moon…or the Beaver Moon. 
Nov. 24, 9:30 a.m. EST - 
Winter is arriving, trapping for furs is called for as 
Jack Frost is here.

 The Long Nights Moon;  
Dec. 23, 2:51 a.m. EST - 
Also sometimes called the Yuletide Moon. The midwinter full 
Moon takes a high trajectory across the sky because it is 
opposite to the low Sun…oppisite to the Summer solstice.
From Lady Beth A BINDING SPELL Binding is a very serious ritual, and one I believe to be of last resort. If you have tried everything else, or there is a danger to you, and nothing else is working, use this ritual. It works for harassment, threats to your safety, and psychic attack. You will need a few specialized items for this, which I will list. Then I will write the ritual step by step. This one has worked for me and at least 1 other person I know of; the results are rapid and sometimes devastating. In one instance, 2 persons were harassing my son at school; within a few days of this spell, both were moved out of the picture. One was transferred and the other expelled, and neither of those actions were from my son's problems. In my case, a person was seeking to harm me at work and tried to get me fired; in her case, she was unable to speak against me and had difficulty staying in the same room. So while this is not a curse, it's very strong. Think it through very carefully before proceeding! Supplies Normal altar tools and supplies-----athame, wand, pentacle, water, salt, and altar candles; a copy of the spell or your BOS. Bath purifying herbs; select 3. Steep them in hot water for 15 minutes. I used sage, cedar, and juniper berries. Sage or sage and cedar smudge stick. Frankincense and Dragon's Blood incense, a burner that is heat proof(such as a dish of salt of sand) and charcoal tablets to burn the incense on. You can powder your own incense in a mortar and pestle, or purchase it from an occult shop. A shop would have tablets and burners as well. A cloth charm bag for each person that the spell protects.....one if it is only yourself, but if you include others, you will want to have a bag for each of them. A crystal for each person involved; I used clear quartz points. Runes or a runic chart to look at; you will need the symbol for the protection rune.****Or related Tarot card Parchment and a red pen. Protective powder made of 3 pinches each of Dragon's Blood, frankincense, and myrrh. Grind this in your mortar and pestle, or in a blender. Place in a dish on your altar. A lancet or other device to prick your finger; you will need one for each person involved in the spell-------the other people you are protecting should be present even if they do not help perform the spell. For infection control purposes, use each device only once per person and then discard into a bottle or jar. Seal the jar and it can be thrown away once the ritual is done. Dragon's Blood or Sage oil. A small mirror and a piece of black cloth large enough to wrap it in. Red yarn or cord, at least 9 feet long. A small(4 inch) poppet, or a small taper. If you use a taper, take a pin and draw eyes, mouth, hands, and feet. You need one of these only. A heat proof surface. Ideally, you should perform this ritual out doors. You can use a grill, a large foil roasting pan, or a 4 foot area of cleared dirt on the ground. You will be setting an oil-soaked candle alight, so have a safe place. If you must work indoors, use a hearth. Self Cleansing Stand in the bathtub or outdoors away from the circle. Either pour(if you are in an actual tub) or sprinkle(if you are not) the infused water from head to toe. Say;
O goddess within, O god within
cleanse me, purify me, make me fit
to call upon you and seek your aid.
Bless these things I do, harming none.
I seek protection, exorcism, and binding.
I pray you guide me and find my actions fit.
Bless and Blessed be.

Cleanse ritual space by smudging with sage and/or cedar.

Light candles and incense
Cast the circle. Call upon these deities:
Water blessing/consecration: The Morrigan and Badh
Blessing salt: Goddess Rhiannon and God Lugh
Blessing the oil: Goddess Brighid and God Merlin
North: Aibell, Caolinn, Genovefa, Tailte
East: Branwen, the Dagda, Merlin, Nechtan
South: Brighid, Kai, McKay, Sul
West: Dylan, Lady of the Lake, Morgan le Fey, Rosemerta

The Circle is complete.

Center and focus.: Meditate on intent. Say:
Earth my center, Air my wisdom, Fire my power, Water my energy
Ground me, guide me, empower me to do what must be done.
Guardians of my home and family, I seek your aid
I invite you, attend this Circle! I thank you.

Invocation to the Goddess and God
Great Goddess, mother of all, tonight I beseech your aid, I call upon your power. I pray you, come attend this Circle.
Lend me your strength to right the wrongs against me(or insert names here).
Great god, Father of all, I ask you to attend my Circle. Give me protection as I fight those who would harm me.
In the name of Morrigan, great Goddess of war and justice, and in the name of Lugh, great God of light, I do ask it
Working Protection
Hold container of powdered herbs(Dragon's Blood, frankincense, and myrrh), cloth bag(s), and crystal(s) in hands. Blow 3 breaths onto them, and say 3 times:
"I cleanse and charge you to protect me(insert names here) and my belongings, home, and family.
I cleanse and charge you to protect me and all I hold dear from harm."
Touch athame to powder and repeat above 3 times.
Touch athame to oil, and repeat above 3 times.
Anoint protective crystals with oil. Write each person's name who is being protected onto a separate square of parchment.
Prick your finger(S) and trace the rune of protection (or name Tarot card)) over your names on the paper.
Fold each square into thirds, and place it in a cloth bag with a crystal and 3 pinches of herb powder.
touch athame to each bag, and say(shout, if you can):
by sacred symbol of circle and star! By Dragon's Blood, frankincense and myrrh! By crystals deep from Earth's power! By holy salt and oil! By our own life's blood of our bodies!I call on you, Goddess and God, on spirit guides and guardians! Protect us, protect us, protect us!
Have each person hold their protective charm bag. Chant together:
I call the light of golden rays, I seek protection, thus I pray
for heavenly forces at my side----angels sages, spirit guides;
as wolves who come with cunning skill, come to my aid! Come at my will!
Blackbird soaring, light my path so i am victim to no one's wrath
and when my journey knows success, to those who aid me, Goddess bless!

The protective talismans are complete.

Banishing/exorcism and Binding
Spread out black cloth and mirror onto altar. Anoint the mirror with a pentacle using the blessed oil. Say:
This mirror reflects all negativity and harm from_________ 3 times 3 fold.
As a mirror reflects, so will this one turn its evil back to the sender.
What he/she/they send to me, goes back to them 3 fold. This is the Law
Thus I seek to do no harm, but only to return what was sent to me.

wrap the mirror in cloth with red yarn, making 3 knots. On each knot, trace a pentagram with oil, and say:
With this sign I seal your fate; Back you go to evil's gate!

Anoint black candle with oil. Holding candle, say:
Dark Morrigan, on a dark horse, ride with me tonight.
Swirl thy soft cloak around us so others turn from us in fright.

Take up the remaining red yarn, and the poppet or the marked black candle.. Say the following verses as you bind the appropriate area with yarn.;<.BR> thoughts. Your mind grows confused when thinking of me, that you may send me no harmful thoughts I bind your thoughts
I stand protected by the Great Goddess; my thoughts are at peace.
I bind your voice and words. I banish all negative comments and statements that you have used to hurt me.
I stand protected by the Great Goddess;I have no need of harsh words.
I bind your hands, and the hands of those assisting you. I bind all harmful deeds performed by those hands.
I stand protected by the Great Goddess, I will do no harm.

wrap entire poppet or candle in remaining yarn, saying:
I bind you, I banish you, I undo and exorcise all harm you have wrought.
By the Goddess who protects me and keeps me from harm, the Goddess I serve with my life, I bind you!
By the powers I have and of those who assist me, I banish you!

Prick your finger and place a drop of blood on the bound candle or poppet, saying:
By my own life's blood, I exorcise you!

Tie yarn ends into 3 knots, saying with each:
3 times 3 as ye have sown
is thine to reap, thy harvest grown!

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