NOV 2006 APA Newsletter


Editress: Ginger Strivelli

Well we all spend most of November recovering from the busy 
Samhian events we all went to, presented at, and lead, 
hostessed, etc. etc. 
Such a Busy time of year for us. This year even more so 
as the local ‘Earth Religions Awareness’ week was turned 
into “Earth Religions awareness Month”

From Lady Beth another banishing charm
Banishing spells are great for changing habits or removing 
an unwanted influence from your life. This can be combined 
with a binding for even more power. This spell I wrote when 
I wanted some changes in my life, and there were some 
non-pagans harassing me. Feel free to change any part of 
the spell to fit your own use. 
Use a black candle, and Dragon's Blood oil. Have ready a 
smudge stick of sage & cedar, frankincense incense, altar tools, 
salt and water; parchment and a red pen. 
Cleanse self; if possible do a self-blessing with Dragon's 
Blood oil. Smudge the ritual area with sage & cedar. 
Cast the circle as usual, calling on protective and 
warrior/justice deities. I used this:
"I consecrate and cleanse this water that it may be 
fit to dwell within the sacred Circle
In the name of Danu, I consecrate this water" 
"I bless this salt, that it may be fit to dwell in the 
sacred Circle.
In the name of Cerridwen, I bless this salt" 
Bless incense in the name of the Dagda, and candles in 
the name of Brighid 

Create and seal the Circle. 
Call the Quarters; I used this form:
"O spirit of the North, ancient one of Earth, I call you 
to attend this Circle.
Offer me protection above and below from your sacred surface.
Charge this by your powers, Old Ones!" 

For East/Air I asked protection from it's life sustaining 
vapors; from South/Fire the cleansing and purifying power 
of fire, and from the West/Water to be separated from harm 
as waters surround an island.
Then make an invocation to a warrior spirit, such as the 
"Great Morrigan, Goddess of life, death, and rebirth, 
Mistress of justice
Wake now, my Mother of trembling, and hear the prayers 
of thy sister who seeks your aid.
I ask Thee to assist me; come and bring forth Thy 
warrior spirit for my protection."
*At this point, add personal details of what you are 
banishing from your life. 


Dress the candle and roll in herbs; choose 3 that relate
 to banishing or exorcism. 
Write your intent(what you want from the spell) on 
the parchment with red ink. Draw a pentacle over the 
words with Dragon's Blood oil. Fold the paper and place 
under the black candle.
May these things that I write
be banished tonight
they have no power over me
as is my will, so mote it be! 

Raise power and send into the candle. Earth the power, 
and leave offerings to the elements and spirits. 
Disperse the circle; don't forget to dismiss and thank 
the spirits you called upon. After offerings sit overnight, 
place them outdoors. Take the black wax and parchment; 
wrap in a black cloth and keep it with you till your 
purpose is met. Then you may bury it in the ground. 

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