Oct. 2006- APA Newsletter


Editress Ginger Strivelli

Ginger and Amethyst both were presenters at the Earth 
Religons Awareness Month Event ĎAsk-a-Witchí on Friday the 
13th of this month. Many Local pagans and Seekrs attended 
and it was very educational for all.

Also the APA hosted itís usual Earth Religons Awareness 
Month event the Costumed Brunch on the 31st. We had a nice 
little crowd of seven, and had a grand old time. Were quite 
a sight in the Olive Garden in our great costumes.

Costumed Brunch report By Terri King

Weelll, the wheel keeps turning and so we all gathered to celebrate the coming of a new year. This years costumed brunch was held at the Olive Garden on Tunnel Road. In attendance were, Byron, Ginger, Joy, April, Shawna (sorry if I spelled it wrong), and Adam, oh, and myself. The usual sounds of necks snapping were heard as we entered the restaurant and people heads turned in our direction. We were seated and enjoyed our meals accompanied by lively banter and jovial conversation. We talked about some of the famous people we had met and how it is important to learn what we can from our elders while they are still here to teach us. We had a few laughs over the school system and its reluctant tolerance of the traditions of the season. Although thewretched subject of politics reared its ugly head from time to time, we were all in very good spirits and so the time passed by like a flash without incident. Some of the costumes featured were Gingers bumble bee ensemble, Joy as a leapord, (I think), and Adam who was dressed in a dark gothic looking arrangement complete with a strange full facial mask reminiscent of a WW II Gas Mask. ( I still haven't figured that one out..) Well, I know I need to keep this brief, so I will just stick to the highlights, happy holidays to all, and merry meet! Terri FROM OUR BOOK OF SHADOWS: Simple Samhain Ancestorís altar ritual: By Ginger Strivelli On your porch or a spot in your yard, Set up a circle of photos of your ancestors, sprinkle a circle of salt over that circle, Place a single black candle in the center of the circle. Holding a list of your ancestors names you should sit inside the circle and invoke the Gods of your ancestors and your own patron Gods in prayer, then recite the names of those members of your family tree that have passed on to the summerland. Then remove the pictures, to carry back inside to your regular ancestorsí altar but leave the circle intact. You should then leave any offering of cake or other sweets inside the circle with the lit candle and leave this burning all night, or until the wind blows it out naturally.

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