SEPT 2006- APA newsletter


Editress Ginger Strivelli

The APA planned our usual annaul Costumed Brunch as a part of 
‘Earth Religions Awareness Month’ events that our community 
here in Westenr NC puts on every year at Samhain-time.

Ginger and Amethyst also consented to join in another Earth 
Religons Awareness month event the ‘Ask-a-Witch’ event 
earlier in October.

We also of course celebrated the Autumn Equinox, one of 
the two sacred holy days of the year when Sunlight and 
Moonlight are perfectly balanced.

Both these appea rin old newsletters from years back 
but bear repeating:

Equinox Chant
written by Ginger Strivelli

The day is balanced,
the night is balanced,
All is balanced this day,
Let balance be our way
The God energy is balanced,
The Goddess energy is balanced,
All is balanced this day,
Balance in all we do think and say
the Sun is balanced,
The Moon is balanced,
All is balanced this day,
the light is balanced,
the dark is balanced
All is balanced this day,
From balance may we never stray!
So Mote It Be!

The APA's Witchlings Circle has a favorite ritual they use 
for both equinoxes...we call it our "equinox cake" rite. A 
round two layer cake is made, and then decorated for the 
correct equinox season. (In autumn; leaves, pumpkins, 
apples, cornucopias, scarecrows, wheat stalks, etc.) Then 
24 (birthday cake size)candles are places around the edge 
of the cake in a circle. 12 of them dark blue, and 12 of 
them light yellow. These symbolize the 12 hours of night and 
12 hours of daylight. The magical sacred balance is thusly celebrated. 
The kids usually sing 'Happy Equinox to us' or 
one of their favorite Pagan songs or chants 
(before blowing out the candles.)

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