AUG 2006 APA newsletter


Editress:Ginger Strivelli

August came and went as usual that busy time of year so many 
of us APAers are getting in the ‘back to school’ routine with 
our Witchlings. We discussed bread baking on Lammas on the 
yahoo group email chat list, as well as our usual 
chit-chat-banter there. We didn’t have a Ladies night out 
this month, we will be having one for the usual Samhain 
costumed brunch of course.


An Ancient Roman Spell…slightly altered for today’s tastes, 
with reworked poetry-loose translation…By Ginger Strivelli

Sacrificing ---from a box of animal crackers--- one pig, 
one sheep and one cow upon your altar, after carrying them 
clockwise all around your home recite:

 "Lord Mars, I pray and ask 
You to be gracious 
and merciful to me, 
my home, and my family; 
With that prayer I have taken 
this suovetaurilia around my home and land 
so that You will keep away, ward off, and banish sickness,
seen and unseen, barrenness 
and destruction, ruin and bad influences; and 
that You will permit my harvests, my land, 
my blessings to flourish 
and my woes to perish
With this prayer I invoke You
purifying my home and all I do
As  I am making this atonement, as I pray; 
look down upon me to accept this offering today
of these symbols of my sacrifice to you; 
Lord Mars and all the other Gods too.

(the orginal Roman prayer: Mars pater, te precor quaesoque 
uti sies volens propitius mihi domo familiaeque nostrae, 
quoius re ergo agrum terram fundumque meum suovitaurilia 
circumagi iussi, uti tu morbos visos invisosque, 
viduertatem vastitudinemque, calamitates intemperiasque 
prohibessis defendas averruncesque; utique tu fruges, 
frumenta, vineta virgultaque grandire beneque evenire 
siris, pastores pecuaque salva servassis duisque bonam 
salutem valetudinemque mihi domo familiaeque nostrae; 
harumce rerum ergo, fundi terrae agrique mei lustrandi 
lustrique faciendi ergo, sicuti dixi, macte hisce 
suovitaurilibus lactentibus inmolandis esto; Mars pater, 
eiusdem rei ergo macte hisce suovitaurilibus lactentibus esto )

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