APA July 2006 newsletter

JULY 2006-APA Newsletter

JULY APA Ladies Night out reports from the APA yahoogroups chat list-

Paula and I were the only ones who went to the Cherokee 
casino Chippendales show ladies night out last night---- 
Well it was 'ok.' Should have known we were in for a 
weird night when on the bus on the way in the girl in 
front of us had a tampon stuck in her back pocket displayed 
in plain sight.... 

We had to stand in this insane line to get into the show....
the show that was sort of lame..I told Paula I think we had 
the jr. Varsity Chippendales squad...her and I kept saying 
they seemed like the backstreet boys, but not as good singers 
and dancers..and not Much more attractive...there was only 
one we each said we'd 'do' (not the same one, oddly enough) 
and I pointed out I'd not chase him down for it...LOL.. 
She had a GREAT one-liner saying "I just think Spankey 
(Paula's husband) is sexier than most of em'...to which 
I relied I agree Spankey is sexier than most of em." 
She wanted to see more skin, I wanted to see less of them 
fondling themselves and dry humping chairs, old ladies, 
the floor and various other things....LOL...It just didn't 
do anything for me, besides making me feel embarrassed for 
them...At first we were saying it must be like every man's 
dream job...but after I saw them all having to lap dance and 
rub all over all the little old ladies and fat middle 
aged housewives in the audience (well not all of them, not 
US, cause I threatened to choke Paula if she got any of them 
to come near us..it's funny I used the exact same line I told 
Beth the night she and I were walking thru downtown Cairo 
at 2am..."Just don't make eye contact and we'll be 
alright." LOL) Anyway so maybe this ISN"T the dream job of 
every man I mean...can ya imagine they go back to their 
hotel at night and compare horror stories of all their 
dryhumping of little old ladies and not so little middle 
aged housewives...ROFL. 

Anyway Paula and I were laughing saying it was funnier than 
Larry the cable guy... and neither one of us were 'getting' 
the sexy part...but everyone else seemed to.....LOL, that 
was funnier to watch than the men...though we kept trying to 
figure out what was wrong with us...I mean I sort of expected 
to not 'get it' but when me and Paula neither one did..and all
 the other ladies clearly did..it was just weird. 

It wasn't as embarrassing as I feared as Paula didn't go 
flippin' crazy like I feared she would...LOL...and at least 
for me..it wasn't that 'hot' I been 'hotter' at Duran 
Duran concerts, that show is much sexier in my opinion...
lol...and they keep all their clothes on (unfortunately) 
and don't play with themselves and hump everything...
(FORTUNATELY on that point, cause EEEW.) 

Anyway Gods help us we lived thru it...after sitting thru all 
that, the little leprechauns weren't even that nice 
to me...SIGH...But their were no kids hanging on me all 
night, and it was ACed..so hey. 

Ok Paula what did I forget to share? Oh besides that guy on the 
big lit up box 'doing himself' EEEWWW...eeeeeeeeeeew....
Y'all should have seen me and Paula standing there in the 
room full of screaming women ...except we were both looking 
like we were smelling a bad jug of milk as the others screamed 
and cheered around us..LOL 

Oh yeah and it's the only place I ever been in my life where 
someone is introduced as 'a redneck' and this is 
cheered wildly...WEIRD. 
Weird Weird, weird... 

 --And Paula added to the LNO report:---

Lets not forget the Michael Jackson music before the show....they 
must have had the box set. I told Ginger to "fake it" but she 
didn't seem to be able to. Must have been the after effects of 
listening to Thriller. 

The upside to the evening was I hit the slots!


The Moon 
By Christina N. Ayers/Owlfire 
Soaking in the still waters,
cradled in simple silver,
reflecting the light of ages,
touching edges, waxing and waning by degrees,
ruled by intuition,
bathed in beams,
once sunís rays.

The lunar face,
witness to eternity,
a symbol wiser than time and place,
was there ever a deeper mystery,
which was unveiled more cleverly?
The ocean itself responds.

With each tumbling, turning of the waves,
creatures are drained and fed intuitively,
just as the crescent travels,
in darkness, completely obliterated,
only to be reborn, and swell slowly to full.

Stone surface of premonition,
squashes the last clinging traces
of self-deception,
an awareness blooms,
the ugly truth once revealed,
can never again be quite concealed.

To see is far better than being blind,
for one more cycle of the Moon,
for one more turning of the tide.

Scrying for hope in the round cup,
of an heirloom bowl,
after drawing down the Moonís glorious power below
staring into the trembling, liquid visage 

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