APA May 2006 newsletter

APA May 2206 newsletter
Editress; Ginger Strivelli

We hope everyone enjoyed our annual MAY DAY celebration held 
last month…we’d like to thank y’all for joining us for that 
again this year.

We’d also like to thank those who chat on the yahoo groups 
APA list daily, we aren’t as mouthy as we used to be there 
of late, but many of us are still keeping in touch over 
that email chat list.


A Woman's Ritual for Self-Acceptance, By Owlfire 
aka Christina N. Ayers 
Heal your Spirit and your Mind,
With words you form and tools you find.

Gather rose quartz placed in rosewater for a mixture to anoint,
Then imbue it with love and magick until you feel 
you have made your point.

Bathe in salt water, light a candle that is white,
Know that this spell can be done anytime; day, or night.

Now sit before a mirror, not an altar,
Tell yourself “I love you” without a falter,

No hesitance of speech and none of heart,
Let the Power within you play the greatest part.

Bless your toes, knees, cellulite and thighs,
Then move on to your womb, belly and your slightly sagging breasts,
To your full lips and perfect nose, to your bright and dancing eyes,
The laugh-lines, third-eye and crown are lastly blessed. 

Breathe slowly, in a state of calm and peace,
then ask the Lady and the Lord,
For a modicum of the Love They have for you, at least...
Into your Ancient Woman’s soul let It be poured.

You know this Acceptance, for it is an innate wisdom within your being,
The sole purpose of which is not to gush forth nurturing to every creature on Earth,
But to tilt yourself up like a chalice to be filled....and finally seeing
Your own inherent dignity, beauty, talents and most of all: Self-Worth. 

Now deeply look into your gaze, and for the first time truly see,
The wild Child that dances in the forest crowned in flowers.
The thoughtful Maiden who walks along the ocean’s shore,
The sexy Nymph who carouses with such abandoned glee,
The Mother, one moment soft and beatific, at the next fierce in Her 
protective Powers,
Last of all the Crone wed with the darkness of wisdom at Her Core.

Look now into this mirror of silver glass,
and say these words to yourself with feeling,
“I love you, no matter what else comes to pass”
It is the time now for this inner healing.

So Mote it Be! 


Sun God and Moon Goddess invocations written by Sybilsue Strivelli (age 9)

Luna, Luna shining bright, 
You are my night light for every night, Your friends in the darkness, 
Are further away, 
They seem tiny, 
But yet, they are big, 
Luna, Luna, with millions of friends, 
Of all, I am your best friend. --------- 

Ra, Ra, you are so bright, 
You should be the one who lights up the night, 
Shimmering shining, bright, 
I wish you were always in sight 
Because then I would be in delight -------

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