APA April 2006 newsletter


Editress Ginger Strevelli

We held our usual May day Celebration at Lake Julian, on 
April 30th…it was a grand success, with lots of kids, so 
nice to see little ones at Pagan gatherings…our next 
generation preparing to carry on behind us.

We’ve added the photos from the gathering to the website, 
thanks to Michelle for playing photographer for the day.

Nessa behaved and brought just a flower piñata…. We had 
lots of nice dishes, and face painting, and the May pole 
dance of course, and a quick ritual with a interest old 
‘circle casting’ I found in the Egyptian book of the Dead, 
that is quick and easy in spite of it’s age and power, 
great for such gatherings with so many kids, who might 
get antsy through a long modern ‘Wicca’ casting rite. 
I’ll include it in the BOS sections this month.

The May Day ‘report’ By Michelle Aramayo:
APA May Day Celebration 
Pagans, young and old, gathered Sunday, April 30, for the APA's 
May Day Celebration at enchanting Lake Julian. 
APA members and their brood trickled in throughout the 
afternoon, but by the end of the day, a group of over 20 
people were in celebration. 
The day truly started with the children plunging into the 
sweets, including brownies chocolate cake. Adults followed 
the lead of the children, and in no time everyone had 
consumed a plateful of potluck provisions. 
While the adults chatted, the young-ones entertained themselves 
with frolicking, crayons, balloons, a basset hound and 
The excitement of the day blossomed with the busting 
of the piñata, created especially for the celebration by 
Nessa and her family. The flower-shaped piñata broke in no 
time with the children scrambling in the dirt for all the 
delicious treats within. 
Following the piñata's demise, the maypole (comically, 
yet resourcefully set-up in a spare tire) was orbited by 
the group of kids chanting  the ‘We All come from the 
Goddess’ chant.In honor of the glorious return of 
fertility throughout the land, the celebration ended with a circle cast.


From the Book of the Dead (Can be used as a quick circle 
casting incantation.- Translation by Ginger Strivelli )

“Oh all you Gods of the Universe who judge space and earth 
in balance, who bestow food and supplies, Oh Tatenen, 
Unique One, creator of life, Oh Southern, Northern, Eastern 
and Western Enneads, give praise to Ra, Lord of the Sky, 
the Sovereign who made the Gods. Worship Him in his perfect 
shape when he appears in the Day-boat “


Submitted By Nessa Mcnelly (From an ancient recipe by a 
17th century Carmelite nun)

“spirits of Melissa”?.. it was invented in the 17th century 
by Carmelite nuns in France… they used it for just 
about EVERYTHING…. It is the 
absolute be all end all of stress formulas…

Take a quart jar and fill it ¾ full of chopped 
lemon balm leaves (Melissa officinallis)
Add the rind of one orange
1 tablespoon angelica
1 tablespoon coriander
½ of a whole nutmeg grated
fill jar with rum and let sit in a cool dark cupboard 
for one month. Shake daily. At the end of a month strain 
out the herbs and bottle… use as you would “rescue remedy” 
also may be used in place of lemon balm tea.

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