APA Feb 2006 Newsletter

Editress Ginger Strivelli

February already over with…2006 seems to fly by ‘tempus fugit’ indeed.

That seems more true the older we get doesn’t it...maybe 
time moves faster as one ages in relativity to them…sort 
of like when a space traveler reaches light speed, time it 
is said slows down for them….something like that, right?
If I’ve confused y’all with my metaphysics blending into astrophysics, 
maybe we can blame Mercury…
(How’s that for a segway?)


Hide!  It’s Mercury Retrograde!
By Marcia Tillison

The dreaded Mercury Retrograde.  It sneaks up on us and 
then stalls our car engines, makes us reformat our computers, 
shows us how planes can fall out of the sky and that 
getting an appointment with the doctor is just not going 
to happen today no matter how sick we are.  

Mercury is the planet that rules our communications and 
travel.  How we move everything from our words, to our 
bodies and our stuff from one place to another.  When it 
is moving through the cosmos in a nice forward direction 
life runs fairly smoothly, but as it grinds slowly to a 
halt and begins to spin backwards we have a problem.  On 
a quarterly basis we feel the effects of that slow 
grind and turn.

Merc Ret is not the time to buy vehicles or make major 
financial decisions.  It is not a time to plan a wedding 
or take a trip using some form of public transport.  If 
you must accomplish major tasks that deal with electronics 
(in anything), communications (in any form) or transport 
(of any kind), then do so knowing full well that you need 
to prepare well in advance and accept any of the road blocks 
that are tossed in front of you.  It is a better time for 
looking at what has happened in the past several months and 
how we can process that lesson to be used in a positive way.  
A time to be still and contemplate.  
An enforced cosmic vacation of the body and mind.

Take a clue from me, if you ride a bus leave your house 
20 minutes early in the morning or you will be walking 
to work.  Better yet take some time off and stay at home 
and make no-bake cookies or go on a nice meditative retreat 
in your own living room.  


 Grave Creek Mound State Park, Moundsville, WV  Sacred Site report by Angel Walden

Built by the Adena people, who fall under the mound-builder 
group of peoples, as a burial mound. they lived in a wide 
area including much of present day Ohio, Indiana, West 
Virginia, Kentucky and parts of Pennsylvania and New York 
from about 1000 BC to approximately 1 AD. Grave Creek Mound 
is not only is it the largest Adena mound, but it is the 
largest conical type of any of the mound builder structures. 
Road engineers, in 1838, measured the mound at 69 feet high 
and 295 feet in diameter at the base. It originally had a 
moat 40 feet wide and 5 feet deep. Built in stages between 
about 250-150 BC and had multiple burials at different levels 
in the structure. The park is mainly just the mound itself 
and I, unfortunately, haven't had a chance to explore it as 
of yet but I am wanting to. It is in the town of Moundsville, 
next to the old WV State Prison, another place that I'd love to check out. 


Some Haikus By Ginger Strivelli:

Away the storm goes
just like all our other foes
let them take the woes

I dream in color
but I wake to black and white
wanting to get back

Reflect only light
forget all darkness and plight
save yourself the fight

Spingtime is blooming
Away the year is zooming
time's always looming

Me, beside the sea
I see the sea beside me
Does the sea see me?

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