OCT 2005 APA Newsletter

Editress: Ginger Strivelli

Costumed Brunch Samhain Ladies Day out event report By Terri King

“Well, it is my humble opinion that the Ladies Nite Out
Costumed brunch went off with a bang. 

We all met up at the Outback and then migrated over to
Olive Garden for a fine meal and some good company.

The conversation was lively, quickly taking on a life
of its own. It drifted with ease from lofty subject
matter such as classical literature; and then like a 
runaway roller coaster, it plunged into the murky
depths of Japanese Porn. talk about versatile!

In attendance were, Ginger, Joy, Teleri, (insert
name), I'm sorry Ginger I can't remember the girls
name who came in the fairy costume!!!! Shame on me!
And Terri. 

Most of the other guests at the restaurant gave us
some quizzical looks, but for the most part, there
were no unpleasantries to mention. The only unusual
moment came with the waiter nearly snapped his neck in
two trying to decide whether or not he actually did
hear the word "DOMINATRIX" coming from the vicinity of
our table.

We all learned a lot more about some of our mothers
than we probably needed to, but it did provide for
several hearty laughs and a light hearted atmosphere.

The afternoon stretched on for a few hours, although
no one seemed to notice or mind the time, and of
course there was tiramisu, and lattes galore.

Hopefully we can recreate this experience on our next
outings and perhaps some of our sorely missed
compadres' who could not attend will be able to come
next time.

From Our Book OF Shadows: Send Negativity Back Spell (Submitted by Cris'ma) What you need: mirror that can be propped up (I actually use one of those covergirl foundation compacts with the foundation cleared out-this way one has the mirror AND a place to put a candle) 1 black spell candle 1 white spell candle optional are directional candles, white string, incense if you wish, you may inscribe the name of the person sending the negativity, or the type of negativity itself on the black candle. *If you use the directional candles and string, place candles in their corners and make a circle with the string, surrounding the area where the spell will be going on. prop the mirror so that it is facing the direction from which the negative energy or negative thoughts are coming. place the white candle in a holder that can be placed higher than the black candle and mirror, make sure it is not reflected in the mirror, preferably it should be above and behind the black candle. place the black candle in front of the mirror, from this point on, DO NOT allow yourself or anyone in your home, including pets, to be reflected in the mirror (until after the spell is finished). Light your candles, black one last but immediately after the white so that the white candle burns as long as the black. While lighting, think on the negativity and about sending it back to the person who is sending it to you. Leave the room if possible and let the candles burn out. If you can not leave the room, make sure you are never reflected in the mirror while the black candle is burning. After the spell is done (candles are burned out), take the candles-if there is anything left of them- and string if you use it, wrap them in white paper or white cotton or linen cloth and dispose of them, preferrably by burying them. ---------------------- A spell for the dead: a time for remembrance (What we call death is but an existence in the cycle of brith and rebrith) You will need: a black candle,pentagram,salt( represents the salt of the earth),bread (bread of life)cast your circle. Goddess, I ask for your blessings, "Lift the veil for me that I may greet my ancestors, Friends and Family who have gone ahead into your realms, Let only those who wish me well enter within this circle." Touch the plate of bread and salt "Welcome to all ancestors who wish me well." Take a piece of the bread dipped into the salt and eat it Light the black candle and think of those who have died, "This is the time of remembrance of all those who have gone into the realm of the Dark The thin veil has been lifted. My ancestors have come to this feast of the Dead, I thank them for their presence and words of comfort." "Let there be no fear in me Here is the secret symbol of life in death and death in life" When you feel you have finished thinking of the dead or the special ones you have in mind then cut the circle and bless the goddess.Any bread lelt over should be placed outside or buried. here is an offering about sacred spaces from another posting group. Use as you like: Once you have been in and around an old, special place that has its own particular strength and vitality and that appeals to you greatly, try the following exercise to draw power and presence within yourself. Breathe in ten times slowly saying: I draw from all about myself From this old and powerful place May the Lord and the Lady be with me So that only the good and the beautiful May be with me. Inhaling deeply, imagine that you are drawing in a strength and a power that has been accumulating in this place for decades or even centuries, pulling it in through every pore in your body and holding it there. Feel yourself immersed in the past. Feel great strength building within every part of your body, renewing and regenerating your body. Then hold the feeling of strength, wonder, and the feeling of the past within you as you say, in these or similar words: I now look through space and through time, Seeing and feeling and knowing The times of the past, the people, Their words, and their feelings All the more clearly. Breathe out ten times, imagining very clearly that you are leaving the past and letting it go from within you, but that the strength you have drawn within yourself is staying, and will always be with you. Imagine that you are exhaling this power out through every pore in your body, and sending it back into the old, unique place in which you stand. When you feel that you have given back all the power, say in these words or in similar ones: My questing is now done. I have drawn the power of time, And have become far stronger thereby. I ask the blessings of the Lady and the Lord, And give them thanks. Blessed Be! Leave quietly and in your own time. (by Ed Fitch, posted with author's permission as submitted to us By Phoebe Keys ) -------- Sacred Sites Section- The land beyond boredom... quotes upon that magical place by Lord Byron And yet a little tumult, now and then, is an agreeable quickener of sensation; such as a revolution, a battle, or an adventure of any lively description. Lord Byron -- Society is now one polished horde, formed of two mighty tries, the Bores and Bored. Lord Byron --

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