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Appalachian Pagan Alliance newsletter Sept. 2005

Editress Ginger Strivelli

PPD report/LNO report

Well it started with a wonder PPD festival. We had a fab time, 
by we I mean Brandy and I. We bought, we ate, and we schmoozed. 
Again I say that we had a fabulous time. We concluded the 
evening with LNO at Atlanta Bread Company. 

Lyric, Brandy and I were early, very early. Brandy and I bored 
Lyric to tears with our life stories and scared her a bit I think. 
We sat forever and ever until I finally called Ginger on Lyric's 
cell phone, just to watch her talk on her cell phone heading 
for the door.  

When Ginger arrived, we then proceeded to catch Ginger up 
on what we had been discussing and ordered some food. (Their food 
is really good, BTW.) Of course, in true APA LNO fashion, we 
closed the place down. Well we stayed until close. 

Then we all went home and some of us got online and posted 
on the board. 

Brightest Blessings, 

(Ginger’s note…for a change –not so good a one- there was no 
table of firefighters, cops or soldiers seated right beside us 
like most other APA Ladies’ night out’s events….sigh...can’t win 
all the time.)

From our Book of Shadows; 

Wise words to ponder:

Ginger asked in jest: Will someone kindly explain 
the term 'forgiveness' to me? 

Diotima answers with wise seriousness: “It means not letting 
people who have already taken up too much of your time and 
energy continue to do so by keeping your mind occupied with how 
awful they are and how they done you wrong. It means being able 
to shrug and get on with your life. 

Sometimes it means realizing we are all just human and can screw 
up pretty badly, but that doesn't mean we are bad. Sometimes it 
means accepting an apology. 

It is possible to forgive someone without in any way diminishing 
the seriousness of their transgression, whatever it might have 

It is also possible, and generally highly recommended, 
to occasionally apply forgiveness to oneself. 
I find it's a handy thing to have in your spiritual toolkit, 
and great for stress relief. I tend to agree with the 
Christians and Buddhists that it's a worthy thing to pursue. 
Too bad that the people who usually espouse it most vociferously 
seem to practice it so infrequently. 

B*B, Diotima Mantineia 


Stitch A Wish  (Submitted by Joy Joza)
To bring any positive wish you desire, take a sewing needle and 
read thread, a white handkerchief, a white candle, and your 
favorite incense. On the night of a Full Moon, as close to 
midnight as possible, light the candle and incense. Pass 
the handkerchief through the smoke of the incense and think 
of your wish. Sew the thread through the handkerchief in any 
shape you desire, while saying: 
"With each stitch this spell I fix, 
with this thread the spell is fed. 
What I want will come to me, 
this is the way it must be!" 
Repeat the charm three times. Extinguish the candle and 
incense. Place the handkerchief beneath your pillow and 
expect a prophetic dream concerning your wish. In the morning, 
hide the handkerchief and repeat the spell in one lunar month, 


Sacred Sites Sections:

Sacred Site, A Mirror--Self Reflections
Meeting the Crone in the Early Morning, by Geraldine Cannon

I bow to this wise old woman
because I must.
Seeing something familiar in her 
knowing reach into the unknown.
It is stored within the marrow.
It is ossified in bone.
I bow to this wise old woman
with winter's face,
her eyes squinched tight 
in this half light, she walks,
an ancient gnarly limb she holds
to rhythmically extend her own.
I bow to this wise old woman
out of respect.
Secretly treasuring the knowledge
that my breasts will produce milk,
and my blood still flows well 
from the hidden mother zone.
I bow to this wise old woman
who is coming 
slowly and surely down this road, 
and she is no more a stranger to me 
than the face I see in the mirror
in the wavy light of dawn.