Appalachian Pagan Alliance's April 2005 Newsletter

Editress Ginger Strivelli

In honor of the coming May Bonfire season an issue devoted to 
the Gods of Fire.

The God and Goddess of Fire- Lighting our way by many a name, 
here is a short list of but a few of the Divine names of the 
spirit of Fire:

Gods of Fire:
Agni - Hindu
Hephaistos -Greek (Roman)
Ixcozauhqui Ė Aztec
Vulcan(us) Ė Roman
Ra- Egyptian

Goddesses of Fire:
Pele Ė Hawaiian
Brigid Ė Celtic
Spider Grandmother Ė Cherokee
Fuji Ė Ainus (Japanese)
Vesta - Roman

From Our Book of Shadows:
(The Fire God Agniís Hymn From The Rig Veda) Translation By Ginger Strivelli

I call upon Agni, the one leading in front, 
the divine light of the sacrifice, the magician, 
the bringer of gifts. 

Agni who is rightly called upon by 
seers past and present: 
may He bring all the Gods here!
Through Agni may we obtain riches 
and bright blessings day after day 
and wonderful good children.

Lord Agni, you are the power and work of our sacrifices, 
which you encompass everywhere--
that magically travels to the Gods. 

May you Agni, the magician who has the powers of a sage, 
true and most brilliant in glory, 
come here, a God leading all the Gods! 

Whatever blessings you wish to do for your worshippers, 
Agni, that dream of yours 
surely always comes true, for us.

Lord Agni, you who shine in the darkness, 
to you we come every day, with devotion and offerings to you, 
ruler of the sacrifices, 
keeper of the universal law, 
brightly shining lord, glowing in your temple.
We pray, be with us, Agni, 
our father with, us his children. 
Light our way and enlighten us with your blessings.

Sacred Sites:

The Sphinx- Watching the Sun Rise for thousands and thousands of years:

Ode to the Sphinx
By Ginger Strivelli

You look so much different now, mílord 
Youíve crumbled and arenít the exact beast I adored 
Your headís been defaced, recarved too small
 But those changes donít matter to me, not at all 
You are still so magical and majestic 
You still seem almost alive yet unrealistic 
The ages have continued to pass over you endlessly 
While you watch over the sands of time protectively 
Empires have been born, lived and then died 
In front of your eyes that never blinked or cried
Things are so different now than they were then
The world changed so much before I could see you again
Yet you remained here at Giza unmoved and unmovingly still
Waiting and watching like you always have and always will
I hate to leave your sight yet again now
Though I must leave I will return again somehow
And Iím sure Iíll find you still sitting here
As you have been for many millennia year after year

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