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APA Jan 2005 Newsletter

APA Jan 2005 newsletter
Editress Ginger Strivelli

Beth and Ginger are planning the next APA Ladies Night(s) out in 
They are entertaining (or is it annoying?)the APA yahoogroups 
list with endless discussion of their plans for their 10 day 
trip to Egypt in early MarchÖand the APA Website has been 
decked in a pyramids and sphinx themeÖin preparation for the 
multiple APA webpages and APA yahoogroup posts detailing 
the adventure, they will inflict upon the APA when they return!

Chat report Jan 20th

it was me ginger and c,c,c,c.... crap I forgot the last personís 
id. ---Editoressí note: it was (CLSeabolt) Carinn---oh well 
there were some cases of mistaken identity they thought I was 
Todd (hmm who should be offended there???) :P then they talked 
about the inauguration, their own plans for world domination, 
and diets. and then the gremlins came and kicked us out. 
(who put them in water???) 
well nest one is the 30th at 9 so be there. especially all the 
three men that are still on the group please save me from 
the estrogeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. 
who's now going to go run and hide weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Managed to get back in a few minutes later and was
in there until about 10 my time (11 APA time). I was
multitasking and missed cathain25's ---edtresses note: that 
was Sandie---entry and exit. S/he did not say
anything while there, though. Now the report is
complete hehehe.



The ancient song sung by the 19 priestesses (and then nuns after 
the Christians forcefully converted the land, itís people and 
even itís Goddess into a Saint.) who tended the sacred shine 
and eternal flame at Kildare for untold centuries in Ireland, 
even still until this day.

"Brigid, excellent woman, sudden flame, may the bright fiery sun 
take us to the lasting kingdom." 

 The Bhagavad Gita Chapter XI verses 32, 33, and 34 - 
Translation By Ginger Strivelli

(Vishnu Speaks to the Warrior Prince Arjuna )

Now you see me as I am Death, Destroyer of worlds. 
I am vengeful time!
All around you in battle are your enemies, 
but their deaths are not yours but mine!

So arise my champion, without remorse, 
bravely even joyously, defeat your foes,
For you are the most amazing archer, 
but truly, Ďtis I who guide your arrows!

Vanquish Drona, vanquish Bhishma, 
vanquish Jayadratha, 
vanquish Karna too.
I am Justice. I have found them guilty 
and I say the victor shall be you!

DUH Didnít  I mention?  Me and Beth are going to EGYPT!!!! 
Get any more sacred than that!

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