APA Oct 2004 Newsletter

APA OCT 2004 Newsletter
Editress; Ginger Strivelli

Well y'all....'tis the season. 
Beth and I attended the local "Earth Religions Awareness 
Week" ancestor's vigil event on Oct 27th.
Let me summarize... 
Arrived (on time even after getting lost finding Joy (thanks 
to Sean's Directions) and finding Moss and Kayla (within the 
maze that is down town) who all I was picking up and bringing 
Ritual was lovely...invoked the recently dead, the beloved long 
dead, lit candles, said prayers. Alas we were interrupted by 
a gentleman we dubbed the 'drunk redneck' who had attitude 
problem and took issue to our " fuckin' weird shit" going on 
in his neighborhood. 
Finished lovely ritual, let ancestors out to play and bid 
them farewell…banished crap from the old year, asked for 
blessing in the new year...that sort of thing.
Closed the circle.
Chitchat with Drumming followed. (I requested "some fuckin' 
weird shit" but the drummer didn't know the tune)
Leaving we were blocked by drunk red neck and friends...who we 
dubbed the 'restless natives.' 
I finally got fed up and called 911...a) because we'd taken 
the verbal abuse for close to an hour, and the threats were 
a bit much, and then the what I dubbed 'Mr. Van Dresden 
type diplomacy' others of our party were trying to calm the 
restless natives was proving to be fruitless. (Ye Gods! __I__ 
even tried a bit of this sweet diplomacy telling a lady 
very sweetly 'ya'll just need to calm down' but then she flew 
off into a rant about me calling her 'y'all' as she and her 
friends kept screaming FUCK and FUCKING at us..."ya'll" it 
seems was a off-limits term.) So the Mr. Van Dresden type 
diplomacy wasn't working AND was making me sick to my brass 
ones anyway...then B) hey I got to call the police...and ya 
know...be a damsel in distress being rescued by big uniformed 
men with guns and big sticks...So...ya know. 

Then after about an hour of the police trying to explain to 
the restless natives a) it was a public park, we had permission 
to be there, we had parked correctly, had done nothing wrong, 
weren't a cult and had on clean underwear and all... and b) 
they couldn't harass us just because they insisted on thinking 
we were 'devil worshippers doing weird shit in front of their 
kids, when they couldn't even pray in school." (I pointed out 
"we ain't in school!' sending Beth into a giggle fit.)
Finally we were able to leave unharmed...though as the Priestess 
who led the event (Byron) and I discussed...some of our 
redneck ancestors were likely a bit disappointed in the lack 
of ' a can of whoop ass being opened' on the drunk redneck 
and the restless natives.... At least we didn't let them get 
away with it, and had the officials tell them they were wrong 
and we were right...not that it'll sink in.but they can't 
parade around bragging about how they victoriously drove the 
'fucking evil people doing weird shit' out of there 
neighborhood.... So that is, as Martha would say 
'a good thing.' 

However I got home so late I missed Lost! Good thing ABC replays 
it on Saturdays! Anyway...that is what y'all missed! Next time 
you'll come to events! (Speaking of which, thinking of holding 
our next APA YULE or May Day event at that park…due to the 
welcome and all.)

We held our Earth Religions Awareness Week event the Costumed 
Brunch on Sunday the 31st. (Yes Sunday! DUMB malls moved trick 
or treating to Saturday.... But the after church crowd got to 
see us celebrating on the right day nonetheless!) Oct 31st IN 
COSTUME at Olive Garden Restaurant.  There were 11 of us in 
all…we had to pull together two tables even. Luckily we (sort of) 
had a man in attendance to do that heavy lifting...though Raven 
had to be careful not to mess up his dress or make-up during 
this MANual labor. Sapphire was a successful Business Witch as 
I recall….Dawn was a business man...lol…so she let Raven carry 
her purse since it matched his costume better. Kayla was some sort 
of Ninja shadowy person….who giggled a lot at the rest of us…
Byron and Kate were Witches…(what a stretch)…Joy  J. was a 
something with red horns…hmm… Her Daughter in law-to-be Olivia 
was I think dressed as an innocent by-stander. Beth was a Gypsy, 
and I was the 'happily ever after princess' basically just an 
excuse to wear my tiara, ball gown, and mink stole.
 You can see the webpage of pictures


We entertained the waiters and other customers at Olive Garden for 
a couple of hours….and managed to not be attacked by any rednecks…
or have to call the police...(darn it.)


Cold and Flu season old Appalachian Granny Magic Remedy 
-Russian Tea Recipe
(Lots of people 'cheat' and make it with equal parts instant 
tea mix and Tang.... but that won't treat a cold or flu the 
way the real thing will..... So here's Ginger's personal recipe.)

One gallon water 
brewed with 4 'family size' tea bags (regular orange pekoe 
and black tea mix such as Lipton's) until very dark and strong. 
Dissolve in 1 and 1/2 cup of sugar 
Then add; 
1 quart orange juice 
1/2 a quart pineapple juice 
1/2 cup lemon juice 
float in that; 
Half a small orange pegged with cloves 
6 cinnamon sticks

Protection Sachet 
Submitted By Beth Langley

Put 3 pinches each of: Anise, frankincense, lavender, mugwort, 
and Rosemary in the center of a white cloth (load the 
herbs with "intent" as you mix.) tie into the center of 
the cloth using three knots. When tying each of the 3 knots say,
"I bind thee to protect this ---house/car/ect.---and all within it!"


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