Editress: Ginger Strivelli

We held our usual monthly Ladies Night Out this month at 
Colby's house so we could hold a new Home blessing rite 
for her and a new Moon banishment rite…as we fear 
Applebees may not be ready for us to set up an altar and 
fire there yet.

Here is Colby's report on that event;

"What a great time I had tonight. Thanks ladies...... 
your company was fantastic. We talked so much that we 
forgot to take pictures!!!!! My house feels truly 
blessed by your presence. Tomorrow morning I'm going 
to have to banish some of those cheesecake calories 
away........... mmmmmmmm. Ginger, I want that recipe. 
Hope you and your family have a great time at the beach. 
Mandi, it was really great meeting you. I'm glad I have 
another new friend here in Asheville. And, everyone 
else......... we missed you. 

My infamous "cherry 7-UP cheesecake" recipe was featured 
in last month's (May 2004) APA newsletter so y'all can 
look it up at will.


Recycling chant by Mandi DeMaaijer 

"We chase away the good Earth's blues
by recycling what we use
It brings good health to Mother Earth
and makes her smile in joy and mirth!"

New moon banishment spell 
(as used at this months LNO event) 
by Ginger Strivelli

Our Lady of Darkness, bringer of tears
May we confess to you our fears?
Be with us now as we do pray
And help us banish these curses away
With your Darkness and our flames
And in all the God's names!


Cherokee Gods Invocation By Ginger Strivelli
(as spoken at the National Day of Prayer Multi-faith event 
last month By the APA's Ginger Strivelli after which 
Amethyst, Destiny and Sybilsue Strivelli performed 
the Cherokee Morning song for the crowd.)

Kanene Ski Amai Yehi-Spider Grandmother
Weave our web strong
Keep us, your people safe and warm as You have for so very long
Educate us and excite us with your storytelling and guide us along
Through our webs of fate so tangled with right and wrong!

Selu-Corn Mother help us to harvest all that we sow
Not only the crops we plant in the earth to grow
But the thoughts we seed in our minds to know
And the feelings that bud in our hearts and souls to show!

Kanati- the Happy hunter we ask you to lead us to our prey
Not just the meat for our tables but for the things we hunt for everyday
Wisdom, adventure, contentment and the way
To be better people tomorrow than the people we were today
Gu-n-sga (it is done or 'so mote it be')



This month's Sacred Sites Section was 
submitted by Paula Swaney

She sent along this picture of Cenote.
And She reported that she visited this sacred sinkhole 
(pausing for 5 seconds for y'all to compose your own punch line) 
when on vacation in Mexico this month with her husband.

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