APA NEwsletter-Jan 2004

Editress: Ginger Strivelli

From Paula's Desk;
Well Ginger has finally kicked a sore spot on my ass so 
I guess I will make the Ladies Night Out report now. 
You'd think she'd feel some sympathy 
for the poor crippled girl (slipped while bowling in my 
socks **smart move Paula** this weekend and spent a 
few days on crutches).

I arrived at O'Charleys first with a nice Christian friend before 
Ginger and Sandie. I thought I would be nice to the staff by telling 
them that we would be the most obnoxious party they would face all 
evening and likely all month. I explained that they would want to 
keep us as far away from the other customers as possible. I also 
warned the Christian friend that we were gonna get WAY out there so 
she better keep her blush reflex in check. Neither the hostess nor 
the Christian friend thought I was serious. Or maybe the hostess did 
take me for my word...cause they sat us REALLY close to the banquet 
table full of cops. BIG mistake. (They really should have found that 
table of priests from last time)

As soon as Ginger arrived she sat down directly across from me and 
promptly boobie bombed me. Now I don't know how many of you have been 
boobie bombed by Ginger so I provided a picture that is now in the 
photos section of the group. Be warned...Ginger does not carry 
standard sized boobie bombs...they are Daisy Cutters (if you don't 
know what Daisy Cutters are don't feel lonely--I had to explain it to 
everyone at the table that night-- just start watching more news)! 
Now I spent the rest of the evening TRYING to look Ginger in the 
face, but apparently I was under the influence of the Penndragon 
therefore Ginger's Daisy Cutters were the first, middle and last 
things I saw that night. 

Shortly thereafter the cops started rolling in. Now I'm sure the 
hostess thought she was being really smart. I'm sure she thought the 
best way to be sure we behaved was to sit us as close as possible to 
a table full of men with guns, billy-clubs and handcuffs. Of course 
all this did was get us started. (Seems -according to Ginger- they 
did not have this problem when it was a table full of priests.) So we 
spent a good part of the night keeping Spartanburg County's finest 
under surveillance. Ginger even had a peephole worked out around the 
dividing wall and the potted plants. We have decided that next time 
we will request that they sit us as close as possible to marines, 
preferably Marine MPs. We do NOT want the Marine Chaplains.

Sandie forgot to wear anything low cut, but she did attempt to 
participate in the boobie bomb war. See the pictures in the photos 
section of the yahoo group. 

Ginger also shared the secret to staying wrinkle free...and if I can 
learn to stop exercising my eyebrows then I'll have these wrinkles 
out of there in no time.

A couple of drinks later Ginger said something that pushed the 
Christian Friend's blush reflex over the edge. See the photos!

So there we were, 20 cops, several drinks, lots of loud laughing (the 
manager checked on us ONCE and then pretended we were not there the 
rest of the night), several attempts to covertly photograph the cops, 
and lots of blushing from the "new girl".
Anything else Ginger?


Well, You innocently forgot to take a picture of YOUR boobs 
which you were 'bombing' back at me (and the cops) Like I was
...well we REALLY should call it "cleavage" cause these people 
on the list will think me and you were literally flashing 
'all' our boobs around, when both of us just had the girls 
hoisted WAY up on WELL padded bras, and hung out over low 
cut tops... yeah somehow Sandie missed the memo about the 
dress uniform of the night....I just happened to have 
recently found the magical brand and style of bra that 
actually gives me cleavage , that I always wanted...so 
I'm big on showing it off since I got those,as Beth calls 
them "magic boob bras" the last few months...I don't know 
what YOUR excuse is for flashing __YOURS!___ 
I guess that is all, except for you also innocently forgot 
to mention all drooling you were doing over the cops 
and their ah...ah... 'tools of the trade'... which I 
of course had no part in at all...I was peeping through 
those plants for some other reason.... ah I forget what 
that reason was but... 
I guess that about covers it... except you forgot to 
mention the next APA LNO is Feb 25th. it'll be down 
there in Paula's area again, (cause that's the only 
way we can get Miss bookworm to come) Beth is coming 
here that am so she and I can take the APA church van 
down with whoever wants to come with...so email me off 
list ASAP if you want to go...and of course run out and 
get a low cut blouse or dress before then. 


Hymn to Ra (from Pyramid inscriptions)

"Praise be to thee, Oh Ra, exalted power, the sender 
forth of light into his Circle; thou art he who maketh 
the darkness to be in his Circle and thou coverest 
those who are therein.
Praise be to thee, Oh Ra, exalted power, the illuminer
of bodies in the horizons; thou art he who entereth 
into his Circle." 


SACRED SITES SECTION: (Submitted By Ginger Strivelli)

Brown Mountain lies on the border of Burke and Caldwell 
counties in Western North Carolina. Most of it is in 
the Pisgah National Forest. For at least 800 years 
mystical lights have been seen darting and creeping 
about the ridge on many a night. According to Cherokee 
Indian legend, a great battle was fought between the 
Cherokee and Catawba Indians around 1200 C.E. on 
Brown Mountain. The Cherokees believed that the 
lights were the spirits of Indian maidens who went 
on searching through the centuries for their husbands 
and sweethearts who had died in the battle…or the 
spirits of the departed warriors trying to be found 
by their searching wives and sweethearts.

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