APA Newsletter - July 2003

(May All ods Bless America Graphic By Diana)

Newslettwer Editress: Ginger Strivelli

Our 3rd annual Vacation Witchcraft School had to be canceled 
at the last minute as Nessa was out of that weekend and then 
Paula had to pull out of helping Ginger host the event when 
one of her friends fell ill. We do hope to plan the next VWS 
for the summer of 2004, without any such scheduling problems, 
and emergency problems that derailed it this year. We of course, 
do still plan to meet for our usual Yuletide gathering. 
Of course we will miss Thomas' portrayal of the Holly King 
at that event, but Kevin McNelly has agreed to stand in his 
stead in that role this coming Yule.

Ginger is currently checking in with Byron Ballard from 
CERES to see what the APA can do to help with 
Earth Religions Awareness Week Events in October this year. 
She will of course let everyone know how the APA is going 
to be involved, and then twist arms to get y'all involved 
with her, in representing the APA during that week's 
event/s that she volunteers the APA to help with.

Calling/casting incantation by Terrikhat

I am the maiden and the dawn
the frailest bloom, the smallest fawn
the virgin child, the eastern star
the youthful sage and avatar

I am the mother, wise and bold
the bounty of the earth ten-fold
the southern star, the crimson flame 
burn hot when summer sings my name

I am the hag, the ageless crone
who sings in Autumns somber tone
the twilight of the western day
where darkness waits not far away

Alas, I am the frozen north
where all that lives is now brought forth
what sleeps today will be reborn
to walk the earth one golden morn.


Quote by ?
A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart
and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words"



When I was nine years old I had the pleasure of being a 
Camp Fire Girl and going to Camp Wo He Lo for outings 
and such.  During one of our campouts it was my groupís 
turn to tend to clean-up at the main lodge building.  
We scrubbed pots and pans and got everything all tidy and 
clean.  By the time we finished clean-up it was dusk.  
Just past the lodge was a small circular gathering area 
surrounded by trees and covered with shade. In the center 
was an ashy cold fire pit, long unused.  The circle was 
defined by old logs.  I decided to have a seat on one of 
the logs facing away from the lodge and lights.  I sat 
there and took a deep breath and listened to the bugs and 
trees and felt a nice breeze blowing through.  At that 
instance in time I knew just knew that THIS was a church.  
Not those brick buildings that I crammed in to with hundreds 
of other people when I went to church with my Grandma.  
I knew that God was wherever we needed Him to be.  
I discovered what a sacred and magical place was in 
that instance.  In that moment I discovered what it 
felt like for my soul to be at peace.  I truly found 
out what a magical place was.
 (Submitted by Marcia Tillison)

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