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APA newsletter- June 2003


Editress: Ginger Strivelli

The APA would like to take this chance to say we 
hope everyone had a magical Summer Solstice!

We Have live several lively discussions and debates 
this summer in the yahoogroups daily chit chat networking 
group, as usual….Anyone who hasn't joined the the APA Chat 
list at Please do check it out, of course 
if you don't like tons of email you might want to set the 
group to send you only daily digest messages. As, there are 
days when the message count reaches well into the 40, 50, 
even 60 and above number range…though there are also days 
when we all clam up and there is barely 2 or 3 posts to the list
… such times myself or someone else in my stead will 
usually start one of our infamous 'heated debates' and we 
get back up to our normal frantic pace of posting. It is 
nice to stay in touch though, and as we say, 'chat 
about everything and nothing about the breakfast 
table daily.' It keeps us in touch, and as 
Martha says…'it's a good thing!"



A prose piece by Terrikhat

The Christian
A man gets out of bed on a Sunday Morning. He showers and puts
 on the suit he saves for the weekly service. He feels alive
 and refreshed. He gathers his family and they get into the
 car and drive to the certain location.
He walks into the sanctuary and looks at the beautiful 
surroundings. The walls of the Church are strong and tall. 
There are candles, flowers, stained glass windows, 
a water filled baptismal tank, and beautiful hangings 
on the windows. He sees the symbol of the Cross hanging 
on the wall and he thinks “what a beautiful place, surely 
this is the house of God.”
The service starts, the usual greetings and songs are 
sung. A tray is passed; he eats the wafer and drinks 
the wine. There is more singing and then a message from 
the minister. They speak of the Holy Trinity, but they 
know that this is just another name for the One. 
Prayer requests are taken and the congregation joins 
in prayer for those who are in need. They wish the best 
for all those concerned and accept that whatever the 
outcome, it will be for the highest good, the will of God.
A final song is sung and then a plate is passed for 
those who wish to donate to the good of the church. 
Announcements are made and the congregation is 
dismissed in a final prayer. The group disperses and 
there is a time of fellowship. 
The man and his family return home with a feeling of 
contentment and a warm heart.
Surely they are blessed.

The Pagan
A man gets up and takes a bath to cleanse himself and 
prepare himself for the service. He puts on the special 
robe he has set aside for the time of the gathering. 
He feels refreshed and alive.
He collects his family and they travel to a certain 
He walks into a meadow, and in the center there is a 
grove of Oak trees. He looks at the beautiful surroundings. 
There are flowers, a stream, trees, and beautiful ivy 
hanging in the branches. He sees the symbol of the 
pentagram drawn on the ground and he thinks, “What a 
beautiful place, surely, this is the house of the Gods.”
The ritual starts, a Circle is cast. The walls of the 
circle are strong and tall. The candles are lit and songs 
are sung. The scent of incense fills the air. A tray is 
passed and he takes the cake and drinks the wine. The 
people chant and join hands. There is more singing and 
then a brief message from the high priestess. They 
invoke the goddess and the God, and although they have 
many Gods, they know that all paths are sacred and each 
individual relates to Deity in the way that is best for 
them. They believe that there are as many ways to perceive 
Deity as there are people on the planet.
Spell requests are taken and the group joins in 
channeling positive energy toward those in need. 
They work for the best and accept that whatever the 
outcome, it will be for the highest good, the will of the Gods. 
A final song is sung and then a box is placed on the 
altar for anyone who wishes to donate to the good of the group. 
The circle is opened and members are dismissed. 
A time of fellowship follows. 
The man and his family return home with a sense of 
happiness and a warm heart.
Surely they are blessed.


Magical Places Section

Have you ever considered what a magical place is?  Is it 
somewhere that everyone expects you to have a magical 
experience, or is it somewhere or someplace that is 
magical only to yourself?  Personally I tend to find 
it is the latter.  I found magic on what is considered 
the longest walking trail in the United Kingdom.  
You could compare it in length to walking the Appalachian 
Trail that just goes on forever.  Along this walking 
path there isn’t much but grass and dried nettles 
along side of the path.  What makes it magical is 
thinking of all of those people that have walked that 
gravel path for hundreds of years.  Seeing what their 
eyes saw, thinking about some of the same things they 
thought about such as, my child has gone too far 
ahead is he safe?  The magic I found was in watching my son 
have fun running along the trail and then begging his 
Dad for a ride when he got too tired to walk or 
watching a butterfly land on a flower and sun itself.  
The magic was in that one moment with my family where 
we just stood still in time and were happy to just be 
(Submitted by Marcia Tillison).

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