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The 4th annual APA May Day Celebration was a wonderful 
gathering.  See the web page on the gathering with pictures 
and a full report.

MAY DAY 2003 APA Gathering
FROM OUR BOOK OF SHADOWS: TO THE GODDESS OF LOVE [This style of verse called idigawesdi in Cherokee.. "speaking it into existence." While the verb structure doesn't translate well, the recipient of this address gradually shifts from the Goddess herself to the human woman, suggesting that the Goddess, who loves the speaker, will now inhabit the woman of his desires. The incantation itself dates back to 1800, in written records, and likely is ancient in usage. INVOKING THE GODDESS OF LOVE (free translation from the Cherokee-by Brian Standing Bear Wilkes) In the world you live, Awesome Lady, now you have drawn near to me. In this world you rest, Woman of Joy, never is one lonely with you, for you are the most beautiful... In an instant you have transformed me and covered me over with joy; never is one lonely with me, and life shall never be dreary. You have brought me down above the Path of Happiness so that my feet may touch the ground; Here in the middle of the world you have placed me. I shall stand upright upon the earth, I shall walk in righteousness; never is one lonely with me, for you have made me handsome. You have lodged me in the pavilion of Joy; I shall be in it as it moves about the world and no one with me shall ever be lonely. Truly, I shall never become blue. In a moment you have brought me to this, and transformed me. And now in the world is a woman you have created lonely head to toe she is veiled in loneliness, and her loneliness leaves its trace wherever she sets her foot. Never is one lonely with me, for you have granted me happiness, Let her put her soul into the very center of my soul never to turn away In the midst of other men, she shall not consider them; they shall be as repulsive to her as unclean creatures. You have ordained me to be the Joyful Man, I shall stand with my face toward the Sun and Sky, and I shall never despair... I am sheltered by the white pavilions of happiness wherever I go. Your soul has walked into the very center of my soul. --------------------------------------------- Summer Wisdom by Nessa McNelly To make a tick release its bite camphophenique will set things right If its a bee sting that you fear tobacco juice will dry your tear Jellyfish, to set you free upon the sting you must pee to keep yourself from bites and stings skin-so-soft will freedom bring -------------------------------------------------------- Rose Water, Method #1 This recipe is the more traditional way to prepare rose water. Though it's a little more involved, its fun to do and the results are outstanding. You can make a quart of excellent-quality rose water in about 40 minutes. However, if you simmer the water too long, you will continue to produce distilled water but the rose essence will become diluted. Your rose water will smell more like plain distilled water, rather than the heavenly scent of roses. Be sure you have a brick and heat-safe stainless steel or glass quart bowl ready before you begin. Ingredients 2-3 quarts fresh roses or rose petals water ice cubes or crushed ice 1. In the center of a large pot (the speckled blue canning pots are ideal) with an inverted lid (a rounded lid), place a (clean) fireplace brick. On top of the brick place the bowl. Put the roses in the pot; add enough flowers to reach the top of the brick. Pour in just enough water to cover the roses. The water should be just above the top of the brick. 2. Place the lid upside down on the pot. Turn on the stove and bring the water to a rolling boil, then lower heat to a slow steady simmer. As soon as the water begins to boil, toss two or three trays of ice cubes (or a bag of ice) on top of the lid. 3. You've now created a home still! As the water boils the steam rises, hits the top of the cold lid, and condenses. As it condenses it flows to the center of the lid and drops into the bowl. Every twenty minutes, quickly lift the lid and take out a tablespoon or two of the rose water. It's time to stop when you have between a pint and a quart of water that smells and tastes strongly like roses. --------------------------------------------------------- SACRED SITES SECTION: The Fairy Realm- Submitted by Marcia Tillison There is a tradition for those that live or visit Ireland and Scotland or Wales.. When they visit a sacred site or Stone Circle they leave and offering for the Fae folk. It is a cairn of small stones with bits of apple and a sweet in it with something sweet to drink or even dark beer. It is imagined that when the Celts landed in Eire (find a good rendering of the Song of Amergin) that great battles were waged between the invading Celts and the magickal inhabitants of Eire that had been there since the beginning of time and were descended from the God and Goddess. In order to survive these being went underground and lived in the Land of Faery. Only those that truly believe can see them when they are called on and those that get lost in the mysts can find themselves in the Land of Faery, where you are not supposed to eat or drink unless you want to come back to your own time and space only to discover you have no memories of the feasts and celebrations with the King and Queen of the Underhill and you are still young while those around you have gone on and become old and withered. Faeries can live in the Tweens of the world. Doorways, dark corners, closets... they can bless you are they can be very very mean if pissed off. Now you know to go outside and build a small cairn in your sacred space and put a bit of apple and drink and sweet in it and see what happens.. Don't forget that not only do the Celts have their legends, but the Pacific Coast tribes here at home have their legends and in China there are "cycle" stories that reflect the sitings of the Little People. So, go out there and find a story and then build that cairn!

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