APA April 2003 newsletter


Editress: Ginger Strivelli

We have made final arrangements for our 4th annual May 
Day celebration, and expect a crowd this year. We are 
discussing if we want to hold a 3rd annual 
Vacation Witchcraft School in July this year, currently. 
Also it was purposed last fall, that the APA offer to 
host the "Earth Religions Awareness week" prayer breakfast 
event this year, so we will be discussing that over the 
summer months as well and planning it if we choose to host it.

Our last Public gathering of 2003, will be our usual 
Yule gathering, when we will surely Miss Thomas' 
playing the Holly King for the Witchlings' Circle group. 
Nonetheless, Kevin McNelly will be the Holly King for 
us in Thomas' stead, this year, so the tradition will live on.


(Money tree spell disclaimer--use with caution, 
the Gods have a dry sense of humor when it comes to Witches 
working magic out of personal greed….so best to use 
this or any other money spells, only in great need, and 
if you truly believe you have worked enough unselfish magic 
and did enough 'good deeds' of late for others to 
deserve the personal mundane blessing being asked for. 
For example, once when using this spell myself, the next day 
the waterline in my bathroom exploded….hence bring an 
insurance check, to repair the two flooded rooms of my home. 
To which I had to admit, "VERY funny Loki/Kokopelli/which 
ever trickster God answered that prayer!" I've never 
had this spell not work, but it's never worked simply 
without the Gods getting a laugh at my expense -pun intended.)

Money-Tree Spell- Written By Ginger Strivelli

Right outside your front door, during a thunder and 
lightning storm if possible or at least in the rain, 
snow, or hail….'Plant' a gold coin…(gold colored 
not necessarily actual gold…I prefer the  Sacagawea Dollar 
myself, being a magical 'mother and child' image, 
Native American theme, gold colored, and the larger 
value of a Dollar instead of 'cents.'  I feel the 
symbolism is all correct. 
Dig a shallow hole with your usual gardening tools, 
and 'plant' the dollar as if it was a normal flower bulb 
or plant seed. Use eggshells from a cake baked as an offering 
to the fairies and forest creatures, and ashes from your hearth 
to fertilize before covering the 'seed', or in a pinch 
even chemical fertilizer as you would on any newly planted tree. 
Say a prayer to the Gods of luck, prosperity, success, 
and any personal Gods, you wish to invoke as well. 
Cover the hole back up. Water it daily, until it 'bears fruit.' 
(And keep your sense of humor handy about the form the fruit comes in.)

(Rose Bush Love Binding Spell- disclaimer…this is another 
ethically thorny spell. Again with the pun intended. 
It is suppose to used ONLY when the couple is already 
in an established committed relationship with each other. 
Not to be used as a 'trap' for some longed for love that 
has not already freely given themselves to you….or to bond 
two people who are unattached, so no using this to set 
your daughter up with who you think she should marry, 
you want-a-be grandmother's out there!)

Rose Bush Love Binding Spell- Written By Ginger Strivelli

Take one piece of clothing form the man and the woman 
who need their bonds of love and commitment strengthened. 
These items should be small, and recently worn and not washed. 
Socks or T-shirts work well. Tie the two pieces of clothing 
together into a lover's knot. Plant the lover's knot 
under a rose bush, with a prayer to Gods of love, marriage, 
and any personal Gods the Couple follows particularly.

Old Appalachian all purpose Incantation- from the "Jack tales" 
folk legends, as recorded in print by the storyteller 
Richard Chase. (Everyone has heard tell of them 
there Jack tales, right? And Ifin' not just why 
y'all so dern uneducated? 
You go to yer schoolin' 
up North or somethin' ?)

A 'wish' is simply stated in this simple three-word pattern form. (Examples below)

"Rain, sky, rain!"

"Spread tablecloth, spread!" (Used for ensuring the family 
being well fed…Nessa will like this one with her 
fears of going hungry.)

"Blow, wind, blow!"

"Sleep, bear, Sleep!" (As y'all surely know Ole Jack 
is forever tryin' to escape from some perturbed varmint or 
another.) I've tried this one on my kids….
But I had about as much luck as Jack did with the bear.

our A through Z sections of 'Merry meet the Gods' 
lists of deities.)


"The Magic Healing Lake of the Cherokee" is said to be hidden 
in the woods somewhere untold in the 'Smoking (Smoky) Mountains.' 
It appears only when needed by a wounded or sick animal, and 
then heals them, before disappearing again before it can be 
found by humans. (Though my middle two daughters; 
Amethyst and Sybilsue, assure me it is in our woods, 
and they've seen our cats use it, and even a unicorn one time….
though they haven't seen the lake monster (dragon) 
that resides therein like such creatures are 
believed to in many Cherokee lakes.

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