Feb 2003 APA Newsletter

In February this year we began planning our 4th annual May Day Celebration. 
We finalized the date of April 26th at 3pm at Lake Julian for that event.
We also started planning the activities for that event, 
and the pot luck assignments 
and such.

Also we opened up the topic of what to replace the 'merry meet the Gods' section 
of the newsletter with in April, as this months newsletter we are up to the letter Y, 
and will finish the merry Meet the Gods Section with the march Z section. 
No decision has been reached as of yet.


Egyptian Goddesses Invocation By Shana McNelly

I feel your presence within me
I hear your music floating on the wind
I feel your strength flow through me
I hear your voice, it soothes me
Inside me, around me, through me, with me
I feel the presence of the goddess
Below my, above me, all around
I hear the goddess call me
With me always, I hold respect
Part of my faith Isis, Hathor, Bast and Pa-Ket 


Spell to Accelerate Learning, with Invocation to
submitted by Lena Haber

You will need:

¾ oz. Yellow mustard seed, small piece of paper, black
ink pen, yellow candle, one small bottle with a top
closure (cork, lid, etc.), thurible with charcoal, a
picture or statue of Hermes. Wear as much yellow as

Best time to cast: waxing moon, on a Wednesday


“I invoke Thee Hermes, the Lord of Wisdom! I invoke
thee Hermes, Lord of Speech! Come forth, wise Hermes,
I invoke thee! Let learning be within my reach!" 

Take a yellow candle and apply sandalwood oil to it,
focusing deeply on your goal of learning/study. 

“In my pursuit of knowledge, aid me! Hermes, be my
guiding force! Sharpen and refine my senses! Keep me
on my chosen course!”

Grind the mustard seeds while concentrating on the
material to learn while the candle is burning. 

Light the charcoal. When it is ready, place a small
amount of the gound seeds on the charcoal (being
careful NOT to inhale the smoke). Watch the smoke
carry your power and intent into the ether.

Take the ink pen and name the material you wish to
learn on the piece of yellow paper. You may want to
write your name on it as well. Push the paper inside
the bottle. Place half of the remaining ground seeds
in the bottle and cap it tightly. This bottle should
now be placed on your desk, or at your learning area. 
The other portion of the ground mustard should be
incorporated little-by-little into your cooking, so
that the effects of the spell are longer lasting. The
yellow candle can be burned little-by-little during
your study time. You may also wish to burn a little
ground mustard on your thurbile during this time as


Yuki-Onne- Japanese 'snow maiden' Goddess of Winter and death

Yohuatlicetl- pre-columbian Mexican Moon Goddess

Ya china ut- Siberian Moon Goddess

Yacapitzahuac- Aztec God of merchants and money whose name means
 ' sheep nose' (wondering if he is the God of my favorite apple "sheep's nose" thusly…)

Yajna- Hindu God of sacrifice. An Avatar of Vishnu

Yama-no-kami- Japanese God of Rice farming

Yeloje- Siberian Sun God

Yocahu- Puerto Rican Sun God

Yu-Chiang- Chinese Ocean Storm God

Yolkai Estan- Navaho Goddess of fertility

Yu shih- Chinese rain God

Yaro- Ethiopian God of sacrifices

Yemoja- Nigerian Goddess of water

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