APA Newsletter JAn 2003

Editress; Ginger Strivelli

Our beloved friend and fellow APAer,
Thomas passed away this morning (Jan 14th, 2003)
One of his last posts to the APA chat list is a perfect final goodbye, 
as we bid him, 'fare the well.' Here is the transcript of that post.

From: kerrwynnpndragn@...
Date: Sat Dec 28, 2002 9:50 pm 
Subject: Re: [AppalachianPagan] rants of gratitude and stuff...
-clipped from a previous post-((siting in the morning watching the sun caress the earth, i wonder is this heaven)) 
.....................nope, not exactly, Sugar...........................
heaven is all those things, with the addition of a certain little elf-lady 
sitting scantily-clad (or not clad at all) in my lap...........and the doors locked securely



Three herbs by Nessa McNelly

Three herbs it takes to make the spell 
Always add three to make ye well 
Three oils you add to help and heal 
Invoke the three and better feel 
Maiden Mother and Crone are three 
Remember them and healthy be.

Kudzu Ode by Ginger Strivelli

The magical kudzu does bloom
tiny torches of pinks, purples, and reds
Climbing like acrobats 
over trees, light poles and sheds. 
With lusty fertile bodies 
it does reach up, down, and out, 
it curls, twirls, and swirls 
all over and all about. 
Making sculptures in the 
wires and trees
it seems to go just 
wherever it does please. 
The Kudzu does create artwork; 
as if inspired by the Muses
with its vines and leaves it paints designs 
wherever it chooses. 

Clings to everything, it does 
including itself. 
it is such 
a mischievous little elf. 
'tis a flower for the brave 
and adventurous 
Not the poor souls 
who do live slow and cautious. 
Kudzu is a plant for joyful artists, 
cooks, Witches and crafters
For it does make good baskets, 
jellies charms and laughter.


Xochiquetzal-Aztec Goddess of flowers, fertility, sex, and childbirth

Xatel Ekwa- Hungarian God of the Sun

Xoli Kaltes- Hungarian Goddess Morning.

Xewioso- West African God of Thunder.

Xiuhtecuhtli- Aztec God of space

Xil Sga'nagwai- Haida (Canadian) Indian Medicine God seen as 'the Raven' (Hey Corbin!)

Xipe Totec- Aztec God of Spring, goldsmiths, and farming.

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