APA Sept 2002 newsletter


Editress; Ginger Strivelli


APA member and our resident dirty old man Thomas Brice was hospitalized earlier 
this month. Members rallied around with healing energy, prayers, love lighted candles, and other magic. He's since been released from the hospital...and is back on the APA chat list keeping us amused and blushing.


FROM OUR BOOK OF SHADOWS: (poetry from our APA members)

"Romancing the Four Sisters" By Todd Crago;

I met the Four Sisters when I was young
Their mother welcomed me into her home
As I grew older I loved all of them
And discovered the pleasures of being with each alone.
The youngest, like a fresh breath I would take her in the morn
Her smell and touch was soft like her flower she gave without a fight 
 The Second would bring fire to my soul with the juices of her fruit so sweet
And we would share the magic together far into the night.
The next was a little older but as lovely as the other two
From the shadows she would come to me draped in red and gold
I loved her for her gentleness and the way she aroused me 
With her touch that was hot yet cold
The oldest also pretty, her touch a little sharp, 
but the passionate chill she gave to me  left me wanting so much more
And then would come the mother she could wear her years so well
She had to only whisper my name and I would dance into her core
Though I am an older man and only just a Lord
When they come to me, I can still romance them, like a virile King
For that is what they want from me, the Queen Mother Earth
And the Four Ladies Winter, Fall, Summer and Spring

Lines by Delores Hunt-Winn;

wonders wander around in shells 
many minute details 
display a web of hope for peace 
that is listen 

"O' Goddess, paint!" By Ginger Strivelli;

O' Goddess paint a world all your own
You create each hue and every tone
You place every cloud and each tree
Making things just as you want them to be
You hold the brush in your hand
You dream up the very lay of the land
An artist is a Goddess of creation
Painting love, hate, sadness, and elation
Nothing is impossible on your canvas
You can do it all and more, no less
You can change the color of the sky
You can put the moon nearer by
You can paint a planet with three suns
Flowers can be so big they weigh tons
Horses can have feathers, fish can have fur
Trees can grow sideways if your prefer
O' Goddess pick up your brush and paint
Create worlds, fantastic, mundane or quaint
Paint what you see or what you imagine
Paint what will be, what is, or what has been
O' Goddess you decide what to paint
Make your point loud and clear or faint!



Tara- Hindu Mother Goddess

Tate- Sioux God of the Wind

Thoth-Egyptian God of scribes, teaching, 
learning, wisdom, and such.

Tike- Polynesian Creator God

Tin Hau- Chinese Goddess of water

Tlaloc- Aztec rain God

Tir- Armenian God of wisdom

Tyr- Norse God of battles 
(oh y'all knew I'd list this one, didn't ya….
Not one of my favorite Gods, but one of my favorite 
TV characters is named for Him)

Tyche- Roman/Greek Goddess of fortune, 
also know as 'Lady Plenty (Similar to Lady Liberty' ) 
She is seen on NC state seal.

Turan- Etruscan Goddess of love and beauty

Toa' lalit- God of the Hunt's name among the Chukchee tribe

Tienoltsodi-  Navaho Ocean and waterways God

Tien Mu- Chinese Goddess of lightning

Tethys- Greek Goddess of the sea

Tefnut- Egyptian Goddess of water

Taoki ho oi no kami- Shinto God of carpenters

 Tapio- Finnish God of the Hunt

Tailtiu- Celtic Goddess of Mothers, particularly foster, 
or adoptive, or step Mothers

Tai sui jing Chinese God of time, Old man Time.

Thab Iha- Tibetan God of hearth


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