JULY 2002 APA newsletter

Computer Art of Lady Liberty with Fireworks BY Diana Smith


Editress; Ginger Strivelli

iberty in Fireworks by Diana Smith

July was the month of the APA's 2nd annual Vacation Witchcraft School. We plan to host this event again next year, and hopefully expand on it even more next July. We canceled our August meeting/class/ritual as we have yet to find a new meeting place, since Eldermoon has closed. Our next scheduled every-other-month meeting in October will be held on schedule, and we will release the location, and theme of that event closer to that date.


This Month we are sharing some Pagan Poetry…starting with a couple of solar inspired haiku's from the leading Priestesses of the APA;

Ra's departing wink
Touches worshipers at dusk
His golden magick

Paula Swaney

Father Sun bless us
with your golden radiance,
within it we'll dance!

Ginger Strivelli

Moon Rainbow By Don Blanding

Staid people say that Pan is dead
But they are wrong. His shaggy head
I saw but yesterday at noon,
And once before when shone the moon
Across Manoa Valley where The ginger blooms. The evening air
Was still…so still it made me fear
That if I shivered He might hear.
I waited while a silver mist
Skimmed down the sky. A moonbeam kissed
The gauzy veil. Pan looked around
And piped. A magic arch of sound
Curved out upon the misty air…
A lunar rainbow shimmered there.


Fragment of Poem addressed to Aphrodite By Sappo

 Many colored throned immortal Aphrodita,
 daughter of Zeus, wile-weaver, I beg you
with reproaches and harms do not beat down
     O Lady, my soul

But come here, if ever at another time
My voice hearing, from afar
You gave ear, and your father's home leaving
      ----golden --- you came

yoking the chariot. And fair, swift
doves brought you over the black earth
dense wings whirring, from heaven down
      through middle air.

Suddenly they arrived, and you, O Blessed One,
Smiling with your immortal countenance
Asked what hurt me, and for what
      Now I cried out

And what do I want to happen most
In my crazy heart. "Whom then Persuasion
..............to bring to you, dearest? Who 
      Sappho hurts you?

And if she flees, soon will she follow,
And if she does not take gifts, she will give,
If she does not love, she will love
      Despite herself"

Come to me now, the harsh worry
Let loose, what my heart wants to be
Done,  do it! , and you yourself be
      My battle-ally.


Ra- Egyptian Solar God

Rama- Hindu God (an avatar of Vishnu)

Ryujin- Shinto Dragon God

Renenutet-Egyptian Snake Goddess

Rhiannon- Celtic Goddess of Horses, death and fertility.

Rongomatane- Polynesian God of farming

Rhea-Greek Mother Goddess

RafuSen- Japanese Spring Goddess of Plum blossoms Revanta- Hindu God of the Hunt

Ran-Nordic Goddess of Storms and the sea

Ranginui-Polynesian Sky God

Radha- Hindu Goddess of Love (Avatar of Lakshmi)

Rugievit- Slavic God of War

Rumina- Roman Goddess of nursing Mothers

Rhpisunt- Alaska tribe's "Bear Mother" Goddess

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