APA Newsletter Feb-2002

Appalachian Pagan Alliance Newsletter February 2002
Editress; Ginger Strivelli

The February meeting/class/ritual was held at Eldermoon store early in the month. The class was a workshop on public and media relations with Guest Speaker, Byron Ballard of CERES, and APA speakers, Ginger, Nessa, and Shana. The Ritual was Ginger's often-requested "Sands of time, past life regression guided meditation." At the meeting we agreed to again hold our 3rd annual Appalachian Pagan Alliance May Day Celebration at Lake Julian, on May 4th at noon.

On February 22nd, the Strivelli family welcomed their new baby Girl. Harmony Elisi Strivelli was born to Sean and Ginger, joining big brothers Merlin and Balthazar, and big sisters Destiny, Amethyst, and Sybilsue in the wild, wonderful world of the Strivelli home.

Old Folk Magic Herbal Cures; (compiled by Ginger Strivelli and Nessa McNelly)

Lavender oil calms and soothes, makes one sleepy and relaxed.

Cherry tea restores strength after an illness.

Boiled plane tree bark eases a cold. Russian tea also hastens a colds exit.

Oatmeal baths cool rashes.

Lay Marigold leaves on bug bites to take out the itch.

Apply tobacco to bee stings.

Lip balm (or any salve)
1/3 beeswax
2/3 olive oil essential oil
put wax and oil in small jar. put small jar in pot of water.. heat till wax melts completely. add essential oil to desired strength. pour into small containers and let harden. if to hard re melt and add more olive oil, if too soft remelt and add more wax.

Infused oil
chop fresh herb of choice. fill jar with fresh herb. fill jar with olive oil. let set in the dark for one month. drain oil and heat before putting in bottle.

Ginger tea (for sore throat)
1 cup water juice of one lemon 1/4 tsp ground ginger honey to taste heat till boiling. Drink hot. Can also add one ounce vodka Mustard plaster 3/4 cups flour 2 tablespoons dried mustard powder mix with warm water to a paste consistency. Spread mixture on half of cloth; fold other half of cloth over mixture. Wear on chest and back to loosen chest congestion. But be careful, it will blister the skin if left on too long.

Diarrhea cure
In cast iron frying pan brown flour until very brown. add water to make a gruel consistency. Eat. (Also canned blackberry juice works nicely.)

Baby colic cure
Put 1/2 cup fennel seeds into quart jar. Fill jar with boiling water and let sit overnight in fridge. Strain and add sugar if needed for taste. Put 2 ounces into bottle and give to fussy baby.

Put herbs in jar. Add vodka to cover. Let sit in dark for 21 days. Strain to use.


Nana- Armenian Mother Goddess

Nanna- Nordic Earth Goddess

Nike- Greek Goddess of Victory

Ninurta- Mesopotamian God of the plough

Nsongo- Bangala (African) moon Goddess

Nuada- Celtic God of healing, wealth and luck.

Nun -Egyptian Sky God, God of frogs.

Nze- Ngbandi (African) Moon God

Nrtya- Buddhist Goddess of dance

Nyx- Greek Goddess of the night

Nyavirezi- Rwandan Lion Goddess

Nut- Egyptian Goddess of Space, stars, and creation

Ninigi- Shinto God of ancestral lines

Nerthus- Goddess of peace

Niha-Tsu-Hi-No-Kami- Shinto Fire God

Ninegal- Mesopotamian God of Smiths

Nerrivik- Eskimo Goddess of the Ocean

Nemesis- Greek Goddess of justice and revenge

Neptune- Roman God of the water and horses, honored on July 23rd holiday of Neptunalia

Narayana- Hindu God of creation, an avatar of Vishnu

Narasinha- Hindu Lion-man God who saves the world from a demon. An avatar of Vishnu

Nanahuatl- Aztec Creation God

Nahui-Ollin- Aztec Earthquake God

Nai-no-kami- Shinto Earthquake God

Njord- Nordic God of wind and the oceans

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