Appalachian Pagan Alliance Nov 2001 Newsletter

Editress; Ginger Strivelli

In November, the APA planned our Yule gathering. We will be having the gathering indoors this year, to increase attendance, even though last year's gathering was held on a nice day, it was outside, at our usual Lake Julian Location, and the fear of cold weather kept many away. Again Thomas Brice (AKA Pendragon) will be playing the Holly King for the Witchlings' Circle.

Also arrangements for Gingerand Paula to attend a regional Pagan Leadership conference in January were finalized. The 2 leading Priestesses will be representing the APA.

The New Year's Public relations/Charity drives were decided to be another Food drive like we did in 2000, when we donated 200 pounds of Food to the MANNA food bank. The 2002 food drive will be split between MANNA and CERES, a local Pagan Charity food bank. The Witchlings' Circle will also be holding a "Nickels for NASA" change drive, as a separate campaign. Shana McNelly will be leading the Witchlings in that activity through out the year.


The Opening of the Mouth Incantation from the Egyptian Book of the Dead: (Translated By E. Budge)

The god Ptah shall open my mouth, and the god of my town shall unfasten the swathings, the swathings which are over my mouth. Thereupon shall come Thoth, who is equipped with words of power in great abundance, and shall untie the fetters, even the fetters of the god Set which are over my mouth. And the god Tem shall cast them back at those who would fetter me with them, and cast them at him. Then shall the god Shu open my mouth, and make an opening into my mouth with the same iron implement wherewith he opened the mouth of the gods. I am the goddess Sekhmet, and I take my seat upon the place by the side of Amt-ur the great wind of heaven. I am the great Star-goddess Saah, who dwelleth among the Souls of Anu. Now as concerning every spell, and every word which shall be spoken against me, every god of the Divine Company shall set himself in opposition thereto.

Cherokee Incantation of Protection;

"Return the evil to the source, double strength and double force."

Three Prayers (and/or Complaints) addressed to The God, Cupid;

By Thomas Moore [1779-1852]

Cupid once upon a bed Of roses laid his weary head; Luckless urchin, not to see Within the leaves a slumbering bee. The bee awaked - with anger wild the bee awaked, and stung the child. Loud and piteous are his cries; To Venus quick he runs, he flies; "Oh Mother! I am wounded through - I die with pain - in sooth I do! Stung by some little angry thing, Some serpent on a tiny wing - A bee it was - for once, I know, I heard a rustic call it so." Thus he spoke, and she the while Heard him with a soothing smile; Then said, "My infant, if so much Thou feel the little wild bee's touch, How must the heart, ah, Cupid! be, The hapless heart that's stung by thee!"

By: Leigh Hunt [1784-1859]

T'other day, as I was twining Roses, for a crown to dine in, What, of all things, 'mid the heap, Should I light on, fast asleep, But the little desperate elf, The tiny traitor, Love, himself! By the wings I picked him up Like a bee, and in a cup Of my wine I plunged and sank him, Then what d'ye think I did? - I drank him. Faith, I thought him dead. Not he! There he lives with ten-fold glee; And now this moment with his wings I feel him tickling my heart-strings.

By William Shakespeare

"Love looks not with the eyes,
but with the mind
and therefore is Winged Cupid
painted blind".


Kalkin- The tenth avatar of Vishnu, the yet-to-come savior who comes to the world to protect Her from the '4 demons who shall come on horseback' Kalkin shall return on a white horse of His own to once again preserve the Human race, and the Mother Earth from attacking demons.

Kaltesh- Siberian birth and pregnancy Goddess

Kakaku- Japanese river God

Kahilan- Arabian tutelary God

Kai Yum- Mayan God of Music

Klotho- Greek Goddess of spinning. One of the three Fates

Koyote- Native American God of animals, magic, hunting, and often thought of as a trickster

Kabta-Sumerian God of Bricklayers

Kaikara- African Harvest Goddess

Kore- Greek Goddess of grain

Kotar- Syrian God of Blacksmiths

Kuan Yin- Chinese Goddess of protection, fertility, and comforting "The hearer of cries"

Kurma- the 2nd avatar of Vishnu, the tortoise who saves the world from the great flood, by using It's body to drill a drain, and start a whirlpool to drain the flood.

Kura-Okami-No-Kami - Japanese Rain God

Kundalini- Aztec Mother Earth Goddess

Klehanoai- Navaho Moon God

Kadlu- Eskimo Goddess of Thunder and lightning

Kupalo- Russian Summer Goddess

Kanene Ski Amai Yehi- Cherokee Spider Grandmother Goddess of Fate, weaving, storytelling, the arts, homemaking, fire and magic

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