APA August 2001 Newsletter

Appalachian Pagan Alliance Newsletter August 2001

Editress; Ginger Strivelli

The Appalachian Pagan Alliance has changed it's meeting/classes/rituals to be held every other month rather than monthly. The Witchling's' Circle Children's group will meet the opposite months, and the newsletter will continue monthly. Gatherings will continue yearly for Yuletide, and Beltane. Vacation Witchcraft School is the summer and Samhain picnics will likely also continue yearly.

The Witchling's Circle have worked more on their website pages on the APA website, and now have a theme song, which you can hear on-line, and more coloring pages, along with the kids spells pages.

The rest of the APA website also continues to grow like the Mother Goddesses own fertility blesses it. There are pages with stories, poems, spells, magical history, member's bios, artwork, and lots of other interests being added monthly. Please submit something, if you'd like to contribute to the website. Email it to LadyGinger@CubsMVP.com


A school bookbag charm; An image of the God Thoth, with the phrase help me learn in either English or Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

A kitchen charm; (great for a bridal shower gift) place a wooden spoon, a cinnamon stick, and shakes from various spices with a pinch of salt and 3 pinches of sugar, in to a cheesecloth bag. Paint with a design of Vesta, or another Household Goddess. Hang this in a cabinet behind the pots and pans.

Garden charm; On a scarecrow, place eggshells in his pockets, a cornucopia in his hand, and a watering can at his feet.

To bring good fortune to your home charm; Place an empty picture frame on a stake in a flowerbed near the front porch. A Spider will build its web within it, thereby bring the blessing of Spider Grandmother to your home.

Baby crib charm; tie a bunch of dried baby's breath in a bunch with a net or lacy ribbon, and a Holly King (Santa Claus) charm tied in the ribbon. Hang this above the baby's crib. (Out of reach)


Helios- Greek Sun God

Hades- Greek God of the afterlife

Heket- Egyptian Frog Goddess, protectress of childbirthing

Hotei- Shinto God of fortune, (one of the 7)

Huitzilpochtli- Axtec sun God His name means "hummingbird on the left"

Hypnos- Greek God of sleeping

Hygieia- Greek Goddess of health and well being

Hatthi- Hindu Goddess invoked in times of Plague, for protection from the illness and healing from it

Hatmehyt- Egyptian Goddess of fishermen

Hastehogan- Navaho God of sunset and the home

Hastseyaslti- Navaho Chief of the Gods

Hera- Greek Queen of the Gods

Horus- Egyptian God of the sky, magic, and protection.

Hoder- Blind God of the blind, and the 2nd sighted.

Hilal- Arabian Moon God

Himavan- Hindu Mountain God.

Hemantadevi- Buddhist Goddess of winter

Hayagriva- Hindu Horse and cattle God. An Incarnation of the God Vishnu

Hastsezini- Navaho Fire God

Hatdastsisi- Navaho healer God

Hathor- Egyptian Goddess of love

Hapy- Egyptian Fertility God. Associated with the Nile and its animals

Hanuman- Hindu Monkey God. God of faithfulness, and service

Hecate- Greek Goddess of night, pathways, the moon, and magicians.

Holly King- (Santa Claus…Old Man Winter…Father Time…Jack Frost, etc. He has many names) European God of Winter, Children, time and gifts.

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