APA Newsletter June 2001

Appalachian Pagan Alliance Newsletter June 2001

Editress: Ginger Strivelli

June was spent doing a lot of activism type work. The APA participated in the Pagan Unity Campaign's Political Action Committee's "I AM" post card campaign:

As of June 30, Storm Bear Williams, Chief Political Strategist of PUC (And APA member.) Estimates that the card-count came in at 152,918 total, with 40,455 going to the White House. This is based on an average of 93 cards per US House District. Postcards from the Pagan's hometown, local museum or tourist attraction were used to prove to elected officials that Pagans live down the street from them. The handwritten message and the hometown postcards have proven to be a loud and undeniable message, that Pagans are free and Pagans are united. http://www.paganunitycampaign.org/
The APA was also busy in June planning our first ever Vacation Witchcraft School for the Witchlings group. That event will be held on July 15th and 16th from noon till 5pm on both days.
In Honor of all the activism work we are currently doing. I am going to include my class notes from the Activism Workshop I taught at The Beltane Brouhaha Gathering back in May.

The Five Bees in the Spiderís Web of Activism
1) Be Alert
*Watch out for injustices, prejudices, and discrimination
*Keep up to date on current events and news related to your causes
2) Be Angry
*Don't dismiss things too easily, donít be afraid to take things personally
*You only have four cheeks, stop Ďturning the other one.í
3) Be Active
*File formal complaints and demand that the problem be corrected
*Don't be afraid to use the sharpest tool in the shed: the press
4) Be Willing
*Be willing to put your butt on the line
*Be willing to fight the battle to the end
5) Be Courageous
*Be courageous enough to leave your butt on that line
*Refuse to back down or fade away
Some people are on stage, some are in the orchestra, some are behind the curtains working the lights, some are in the audience to clap, and some are in the audience to write the reviews. Know where you are supposed to be and which job you are supposed to be doing!


Incantations Submitted by: Carlotta MacNabb Cooper

I used to think everyone knew this one, but I'm not sure anymore. My grandmother taught me to chant this on stormy days (even though I love stormy days;
"Rain, rain, Go away, Come again some other day. "
And, courtesy of my mother, kind of a silly one for a person who has a sty on their eye:
(Said dancing around a Walnut or other old tree) Sty, sty, get off my eye. (Said thrice.)


Fabulinus- Roman god of Infants
Fachea-Irish Goddess of Poetry
Felicitas- Roman Goddess of good Fortune
Furrina- Italian Goddess of vengeance, one of the furies. Her feast day was July 25th.
Faro- African God of fish and speech
Feng Po- Chinese God of the winds
Flora- Roman Goddess of springtime and flowers and harlots. Her festival ran from April 28th till May 3rd
Frigg- Norse Mother Goddess
Futsu-Nushi-No-Kami- Japanese God of War
Freyja- Norse fertility Goddess
Fides- Roman God of faith and loyalty
Fulgora- Roman Goddess of Lightning
Fuji- Japanese volcano Goddess

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