March 2001 APA newsletter

Appalachian Pagan Alliance March 2001 newsletter
Editress; Ginger Strivelli

The March class, ritual and meeting was held on March 14th. We began work on the APA’s Freedom quilt submission, which we will be displaying at the APA Beltane gathering, before sending it along to be added to the National Freedom of Religion Quilt project.
The March Witchling’s Circle meeting included the ever-popular Equinox cake ritual, and discussion of dedication to Particular Gods and Goddesses as Sworn Priests and Priestesses, and the merits and details of such pledgings, and the rites to affirm those oaths.
The Appalachian Pagan Alliance has finalized plans to send a delegation to The Beltane Brouhaha in Kings Mountain, this May. I will be teaching a class on Political and social activism at the event. And many APA members will be attending. Our own Beltane event, “the 2nd Annual Appalachian Pagan Alliance May Day Celebration, will be held on April 29th, at Lake Julian Public park, and will include a blessing of the seeds rite, and a may pole dance.

Banishing spell by Tori Brown “Star Queen”

On a piece of toilet paper, write down the trouble that you wish to banish, speak an affirmation of that problem being banished from your life, then…(You guessed it!) flush it!

Lightning Bug Wishing Spell by Ginger Strivelli
Catch a lightning bug and allow it walk freely on your palm. Saying this incantation: “Lightning Bug, oh Lightning bug upon my hand, grant me this wish that I command.” State the wish and then easily toss the bug back into the air, with your thanks.

Merry Meet The Gods Section C

Cailleach> Celtic Winter Goddess who is born every year on Samhain to turn to stone on Beltane every year with the arrival of her sister, Brigit.

Centeocihuatl> Aztec Corn Mother Goddess

Ceres> Roman Mother Goddess

Cernunnos> Celtic Fertility and forest God. Also the God of wild animals, hunting, and Fatherhood.

Chang Hs’ien> Chinese God of Children

Chaos> Roman ‘male’ primordial being who combines with the female Nyx to make up the emptiness that preceded the creation of the universe.

Chors> Slavic Sun God

Cipactli> Aztec Great Mother Goddess

Cit Chac Coh> Mayan God of War, usually seen as a blood red Puma cat.

Coventina> (nope not the Goddess of Covens)…the Roman and Celtic Goddess of water and farming

Cupid> The poetic name for the God Amor, the Roman/Greek God of Love

. Chiuke> Nigerian Sky Father God.

Cybele> Greek/Roman Mother Goddess. Goddess of fertility of humans, livestock and crops.

Cerridwen> Celtic Mother Goddess

Ceribhfhionn> Irish Goddess of Knowledge. (She spends eternity pouring water from her gourd to let knowledge-seeking humans taste it.

Challalamma> Hindu Buttermilk Goddess

Changing Woman> Apache Earth Goddess

Cenkalaniyammal>Hindu Rice Goddess

Concordia> Roman Goddess of peace. (Her name gave us our word: ‘Concord.’

Crocale> Greek/Roman Goddess of Hairdressers.

Chaitanya> Hindu God of childhood illnesses

Thoughts to contemplate:
(This month--Common popular sayings)
“Don’t sweat the small stuff….and remember it is all small stuff.”

“Don’t make me lose my religion.”

“Get over yourself!”

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”

“The Sun will shine tomorrow” An old Appalachian ‘get a grip’ or ‘chill out’…may have been a Cherokee phrase, which would have been said: (spelled Phonetically)“A-ga-li-ha shoo-nah-lay-ee yuhn-dah”

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