APA Newsletter • January 2001

The January APA monthly meeting/class/ritual went well. We also began weekly cyber-space meetings for the many members who can not attend the in-person meetings regularly. The Witchlings Circle Jan. meeting was a lot of fun. The children made Pentagram necklaces to wear to school.

All Witchlings, APA monthly, and cyber-space meetings are always announced on the APA website, and in the APA egroup. Monthly meetings are currently being held the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6pm at Mysts of Avalon store, in Asheville. Contact me. (828) 230-1273

The Pagan Pride website pages are also up…and I am adding contact info for the other local groups, as I am the Pagan Pride Project Local coordinator for the Western North Carolina area. We are planning the Pagan Pride day event, at this time. Likely to be held at Lake Julian Public Park, on Sept 22nd, noon.

Our 2001 charity/Public Relations drive: “Change to change minds” has gotten off to a slow start, but there will be a can for the loose change at all meetings, and you may mail donations to the APA at p.o. box 450, Weaverville, NC 28787. At the end of the year, the Witchlings will meet to roll all the change, and it will be used to buy Pagan books to be donated in the APA’s name to local public and school libraries.

From our Book of Shadows

Tewa Indian Prayer to the Corn Mothers
“Our old women Gods, we ask you! Our old women Gods, we ask you! Then give us long life together, May we live until our frosted hair is white; may we live till then, this life that now, we know!”

Appalachian traditional Spell to remove warts, corns, cold sores, etc.
Cut a fresh potato in half, rub the blemishes on the flesh of the potato, then you can either bury the potato, or feed it to one of the farm animals.

Garden Fertility Spell
Sprinkle the power from 13 crushed eggshells, on your garden before planting any seeds.

Spell to banish one’s troubles
Collect sunflower seeds, in the number, of problems that are of concern. Go outside to a tree, whose energy seems nurturing. While leaning against the trunk, for support, ‘place’ each problem ‘into’ a sunflower seed. Do this slowly and deliberately, visualizing and magically manipulating the negativity into the shell of each seed. Once you have loaded each seed, place them in a dish of berries, or other seeds, in the tree’s limbs. The birds will crack open your seeds, ‘breaking’ the problem, and they will be paid with the food. Retrieve the plate from the tree, once it has been cleared by the birds.

“Merry Meet the Gods”

(In 2000, this section concerned holidays, in 2001, it will be devoted to introducing some of the Gods.)

Acat: Mayan God of Tatooers
Ageir: Viking Ocean God
Aje; Nigerian Goddess of Wealth
Amaethon; Celtic agriculture God
Aphrodite: Greek Goddess of love and beauty
Adanvdo: Cherokee Great Spirit God
Anubis; Egyptian mortuary God
Arthapratisamvit; Buddhist Goddess of logic and data collection. (Sounds Vulcan, huh?)
Arachne; Greek Goddess of weaving, fate, storytelling, and spiders
Aryong-Jong Korean Rain Goddess (an old spell called for a pray to Her as water was poured through a sieve to bring on rain.)
Atse Estsan; Navaho ‘First Woman’ Goddess
Aurora; Greek/Roman Goddess of Morning
Abzu; Sumerian God of ground water
Apollo; Greek God of Light, the arts, beauty, and hunting
Ares; Greek God of War, horses, and Lust
Astarte; Phoenician Star Goddess
Aten: Egyptian Solar God
Athena: Greek Goddess of Wisdom
Awonawilona: Pueblo Indian Creator God

Quotes to Contemplate

“Day and Night cannot dwell together. Your religion was written on tables of stone. Ours was written on our hearts.” -Chief Seattle

“Dear Pan and ye other Gods who inhabit here, grant that I may become fair within, and that my external circumstances may be such as to further my inward health. May I esteem the wise man rich, and allow me no more wealth than a man of moderation can bear and manage.” -Socrates