APA Newsletter • November 2000

Thanksgiving Postcard Ye Gods! What an election….the Goddess of Justice was more blind than usual this election day. It is an important election for Witches as George W. Bush has gone record as saying Pagans are not a real religion and therefore have no 'freedom of religion rights.' So we of the APA are all waiting and watching the developments with even more interest than everyone else in the country and all around the world!

The Appalachian Pagan Alliance's Samhain Fest 2000- A Halloween Witches' Brouhaha went very well. We had about 60 APA members attend, and collected 76 pounds of food for the Manna Food Bank.

The end of the year meetings and the Yule Gathering are being planned now…and the dates for all 2001 meetings have been finalized. They will be consistently on the second Tuesday night of every month at 6 PM.

The APA leading Priestess, Ginger Strivelli was asked by Pagan Pride Project to be the local coordinator again in 2001, so the APA will be holding an Autumn Equinox rally, again next year. We will be planning that throughout the next few meetings, as well.


(from Joy)

We did this at the October 2000 meeting. It's a Hawaiian healing method called "kahi." Serge Kahili King explains it in more detail in his book 'Urban Shaman.' Our particular ritual was a group healing. After creating sacred space and smudging of the participants, we held hands in modern Wiccan formation (one up, one down) and concentrated on both hands at once. King suggests visualizing a rainbow connecting both hands--no moving the energy or fooling with it in any way, just focusing. While doing this, we said the following chant (also from the book) four times: "Be aware Be free Be focused Be here Be loved Be strong Be healed."

The Hawaiian Culture is a particularity magical one. You can study the religion and magic of that Pagan tradition further with the books; 'Hawaiian Religion & Magic' by Scott Cunningham and also the historical text the 'Kumulipo' which is the Hawaiian creation chant. (There is a translated published book of this sacred text by Martha Warren Beckwith.)


Nov. 5--Guy Fawkes Day…
a modern holiday based on the ancient Pagan rite of burning in effigy, all evilness from the past year. This is when the 'burning man' rites were held, and were generally used to banish negative things from the past year. Sage is often burned for this rite, or a cornhusk man doll.

Nov. 8-- Mania.
A roman/British festival of the God Gwynn ap Nudd. It was celebrated upon Glastonbury Tor.

Nov. 23.-- Thanksgiving
A modern harvest celebration.

Nov. 25.--Women's merrymaking day.
An ancient celebration of Womanhood.