APA Newsletter • September 2000

This last month has been very busy for the APA. We have been planning the "We Still Work Magic" rally at A. C. Reynolds in response to the Christian "We Still Pray" event that was held there last month. Our point being; "You can have no religion in the schools, or you can have all religions in the schools, but you can not have just the Christian religion in the schools."

We requested permission to hold this rally at the school, expecting it to be refused, and intending to fight 'city hall' over our freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom to assemble rights. However, we were approved, though burdened with fees and paper work. The rally has taken on a life of its own. And many people all over the Earth have sent their support. The event is now being co-sponsored by WARD (Witches Against Religious Discrimination,) AREN (Alternative Religions Educational Network,) and Witch Vox. We Still Work Magic has also been named the "Pagan Pride Project" for the region. The rally will be held on Sept. 20th, from 7 till 9 PM at A. C. Reynolds High Stadium.

We are also still planning our Samhian Fest 2000- A Halloween Witches Brouhaha for Oct 31st 7 till 10 PM at Asheville memorial Stadium, behind McCormick Field. At both these events and throughout the Autumn the APA will be collecting canned food to donate to MANNA food bank.

From our Book of Shadows

Charms by Joy Harwood.

Attracting People
This is general purpose, not for a love spell but just to get people to notice you. Wash your face and hands with something containing roses or patchouli, and say: "Cleansed be these hands, cleansed be this face, Attract good people from all over the place." This works even better if you burn a pink candle.

Warding Off Negative Energy
Light a bundle of sage or a stick of incense. If smoke is a problem, use a sprig of thyme instead. Whatever you're holding, make a big swirl of it counterclockwise in all your doorways and windows. The icky stuff will get caught in the swirl and get banished when it comes to the end. If you used thyme, leave it over the doorframe for a more lasting effect.

Creative Energy
Do this before creating art of any sort. Prepare your sacred space, light a yellow candle, and drink a very small amount of mugwort tea.* Then say: "God/dess of visions and of dreaming, Let me see beyond the seeming And express what is true, Just as it comes from you." Play music that keeps you in this space. *Mugwort is subtle but strong--you only need a little. DON'T take it during pregnancy (bad for the baby) or right before Aunt Flow's monthly visit (there's such a thing as being TOO spiritually open). Otherwise it's very useful.


Sept. 8th- Feast of Mother Mary. One of the most widely known but unworshipped Goddesses, therefore a Goddess of self-sacrifice…she gives everything even Her own Divinity away for Her children.

Sept. 14th Egyptian Feast of Lights

Sept. 19th Egyptian fasting day in honor of the God Thoth

Sept. 22nd Autumnal Equinox. One of the two annual sacred days of divine balance and equality

Sept. 29th Day of (Norse) Heimdall and (Celtic) Gwynn ap Nudd. Both are Gods of the Warriors of the underworld.

Quotes to Meditate Upon

"Many proposals have been made to us to adopt your laws, your religion, your manners and your customs. We would be better pleased with beholding the good effects of these doctrines in your own practices, than with hearing you
talk about them". Old Tassel, Chief of the Tsalagi (Cherokee)

"The Government of the United States is in no way based on the Christian religion" George Washington, (from the treaty of Tripoli)

"They live as if they were Gods, their hearts free from all sorrow… When they died, it was as if they fell asleep… The fruitful grainland yielded its harvest to them of its own accord…" Hesiod (Greek Poet 8th century BCE)