APA Newsletter • June 2000

On May 31st the 700 Club, a national TV program, featured the story that I was interviewed for at the APA's First Annual Beltane Gathering. The video footage from our seed blessing ritual and our May Pole dance was also shown.

There was also a printed story on the Christian Broadcasting Network web-site. (cbnnow.com) (They both can be viewed in the site's 30 day archive feature until July 1st.) Both were very fair and accurate stories, considering the source. We were very pleased with the positive press the Beltane gathering generated for the APA and Paganism as a whole.

I have been in touch with the producer of that news story, and have invited her to come to our Samhain Fest 2000-A Witches' Halloween Brouhaha. Shannon has nearly finished arranging the permits for the Samhain gathering. It will be held at Asheville Memorial Stadium, behind McCormick Field, in Asheville. We will have plenty of parking, plenty of space, and use of the public address system! Earthrite Tradition of Asheville will be co-sponsoring this grand event with The Appalachian Pagan Alliance.

We will be needing lots of offical positions filled, so if you'd like to get involved, please contact, me, Shannon, or Beth.

From our Book of Shadows:

Ocean Magic spell for making a wish.

At the beach, at the high tide mark, just before high tide, use the sand to fashion the likeness of your wish. Then with found objects from the beach write out in words, what it is you are asking for. Sit with this charm as the waves come up and 'take the wish' back to the Ocean Gods for you. Say a prayer of thanks, to the water spirits for delivering your message and make an offering to the sea, by picking up whatever trash washed up with the high tide along the beach.

A Banishing of difficulties Ocean Magic spell: Standing, chest deep in the water, wait for the waves to bring a shell into your open hand. Hold on to the shell for 13 waves, pouring out all of your troubles into that shell, letting it absorb all of your difficulties into itself. After the 13th wave crashes by you release the shell back into the waves, it will carry your problems away from you.


June 17th- Ludi Piscatari, the festival for fishermen.
June 20th-Summer Solstice
June 24th- Fortuna, the feast day of the Goddess of Good luck, Fortuna.
June 27th- Julian, the Blessed died on this day in 363 c.e. He was the last Pagan Roman Emperor.
July 8th- the feast day of the Norse sun Goddess, Sunna, and her Christian assimilated alter ego St. Sunniva.

Quotes to Meditate Upon

"They came with the Bible in one hand and a gun in the other. First they stole gold. Then they stole the land. Then they stole souls." Ginger Hills of the Navajo Nation.

"We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return, like a drop of Rain, falling to the Ocean." Traditional Witches' Ritual Chant

"I'll think of it all tomorrow…after all, tomorrow is another day." Scarlett O'Hara from Margaret Michell's Gone With The Wind.

"Multiplying in the passing time, the long night (of creation) slips along. Fruitful, very fruitful, spreading here, spreading there, Spreading this way, spreading that way, Propping up the Earth, holding up the sky, The time passes, this night of Kumulipo (the first night of creation) Still it is night." Last refrain from the Hawaiian Creation Chant-Kumulipo.

Meetings: July 18th, 6:00pm at Mysts of Avalon store August 15th, 6:00pm at Mysts of Avalon store

Happy Summer Solstice ya'll!!! Lady Ginger Strivelli