APA Newsletter • May 2000

Our first annual May Day celebration was a great event. We had around 40 or 50 people with more who were just watching. As one of those on lookers, Rev. Dykes said, "We had a wonderful May pole dance, the children all recognized this ritual from the show Dragon Tales, we also thanked the Gods, were covered by national media, with a wink to Kokopeli or Loki, or some such trickster God since the news crew turned out to be from Christian Broadcasting Network/Fox Family channel. Last I heard, that report is set to air on May 22, but as they say, check your local listings. I am quite sure they'll slant it terribly, but as long as they spell your name right".

Our May Day public gathering was such a grand affair, we have decided to put on a public gathering for Samhain too. We will be co-sponsoring the event with Earthrite Tradition of Asheville. (Lady Morganna, Lord Terrian's group) It will be called "Samhain Fest 2000-A Witches Brouhaha." The details are still being worked out but we will keep everyone posted. Our June meeting will be June 14 at 6pm at Mysts of Avalon store. In honor of Flag Day, the ritual will be an invocation of Lady Liberty. The class will be a media/public relations workshop led by Ginger.

From our Book of Shadows

A spell to clear all negative or unbalanced energy out of an area.
Suggested highly for circles, used for rituals, and to be used regularly for a happy home. Take Holy water (water drawn straight from a well, or caught rain water; must be collected into a wood, metal, glass, or other natural material container without touching your hands), and sprinkle in the four directions, then sprinkle salt in the four corners (or in every room for a house). Lastly, sweep (in counterclockwise circles) starting in the center of the circle/room, and spreading out until you reach the outer edge of the circle/room.


May 18-Apollon Day, sacred day of the God Apollo, God of music, poetry, divination, the Muses, the Sybils, and light.

May 20- Germanic Festival of Mjollnir, a day when 'strong men' type contests were held. (oh, how I love to watch those big guys throwing logs around and stuff on ESPN!)

May 23- Rosalia, the roman festivals of the roses. (without the football game.)

May 24- Mother's Day in ancient Celtic tradition, yet another holiday we were celebrating long before the Christians.

Quotes to Meditate Upon

"Alas for wrongs that Nature does the frame the pride She gives compensates not to the shame. And yet why moot those puzzles? Tis the pride and not the shape,were still the thing to hide. Spirits there are (I've known them) that like Gods who dwelt of old in rustical abodes, have beamed through clay the homliest, bright and wise, and made divinest windows of the eyes." Leigh Hunt(1784-1859)

"Though boys throw rocks at frogs in sport, the frogs do not die in sport, but in earnest." Bion (c.280 bce)

"What it is that breaths fire into the equations and makes a universe to govern? Is the ultimate unified theory so compelling that it brings about it's own existance? Although science may solve the problem of how the universe began it can not awnser the question why does the universe bother to exist? I don't know the awnser to that." Stephen Hawking (1942-)