APA Newsletter • November 1999

Our October meeting was held at Lake Julian. We had a children's circle ritual, wherein the Witchlings blessed an offering of bread with the powers of health and warmth, then fed the charmed food to the ducks. The grown-up's ritual was a drawing of tarot card fortunes for the new year.

The year ended with a bang!!!

If anyone was meditating for the last two weeks of October and missed all the news coverage...the newspaper articals can be viewed on the web-site. The television coverage was recorded and can be veiwed at the Nov. 20th meeting. While some of our pagan peers abhorred all the attention, we adored it instead!!!

A lot of education took place during the controversy and many ignorant people's misconceptions about us were dispelled!!! We will be lighting a candle in appreciation for the News media, (Dale Neal, Andy Reed, Barbara Blake, and the Editors of the Asheville Citizen Times, Ken Garfield and the editors of the Charlotte Observer, and Kathy Scott, Tracy Martin, and the producers of WLOS TV News will be blessed by name for their fair and accurate coverage, something we as one of the most misrepresented religions, don't take for granted.

Ginger and Shannon attended a "Students for Women's Awareness" meeting at Furman University, where Ginger had been invited to lecture and answer questions about the religion of Witchcraft.

Our November meeting/class/ritual will be held at Mysts of Avalon on Merrimon Avenue.

Our December 18th meeting will be held there as well. At our November 20th meeting we will be collecting the Yuletide decorating and gift-wrapping supplies that we will be donating to the needy young people of Eliada homes. We will be collecting canned food for the Manna Food Bank, at our December meeting. Please give generously, as usual!

From our Book of Shadows:

Magical words to chant, as prescribed by
the God, Vishnu, in his form of Lord Krishna.
taken from the Bhagavad Gita,17th teaching,
23rd through 28th quatrains;

OM TAT SAT: "that is the real"-
this is the triple symbol of the infinite
spirit that gave a primordial sanctity to
the Priests, sacred lore,and sacrifice.

OM: knowers of the infinite spirit chant
this as they perform acts of sacrifice, charity,
and penance perscribed bt tradition.

TAT: men who crave freedom utter it as they
perform acts of sacrifice, charity, and
penance, without concern for reward.

SAT: it means what is real and what is good
Arjuna; the word SAT is also used when
an action merits praise.

SAT: is steadfastness in sacrifice, in charity;
any action of this order is denoted by SAT.

But oblation, charity, and penance offered without
faith are called ASAT, for they have no reality
here or in the world after death.


  • Nov. 25th--Women's Merrymaking Day,
    an ancient festival celebrating women's mysteries.
  • Nov. 29th-- St. Saturnius' Day
    (Son of Saturn)
  • Dec. 5/6-- the pre-Christian date
    of Santa Claus/Saint Nicholas/The Holly King's
    night of gift leaving.
  • Dec. 17th--First day of Saturnalia,
    the seven day Roman mid-winter festival
    that (along with Celtic Yule,) was the
    inspiration for modern "Christmas."


Suggested Reading:
Where Legends Live,
A Pictorial Guide to Cherokee Mythic Places
by Douglas A. Rossman (has pictures and
directions to dozens of local sacred sights!!!)

The Bhagavad Gita
Hindu holy book.

The Orion Mystery
by Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert.