APA Newsletter • September 1999

The Appalachian Pagan Alliance is into its second month and going strong. Beth and Ginger (Kim and Diana have left the A.P.A.) have finished getting all the group's first objectives accomplished. The post office box has been rented, flyers have been printed and distributed and the web-site is up and running!!! Best of all , these promotions are being met with a lot of local interest.

At our first meeting, several pagan priestesses and priests joined the A.P.A., and have already become involved in our daily operations.

Our September and October meetings are planned for Sept. llth and Oct. 9th. Both of these will be Outside at Lake Julian, as we all enjoyed that setting for the first meeting. In November, the Weather Gods will force us inside, and we will be announcing the new meeting site.

Current volunteer work being sponsored by the A.P.A. is our continuing Harvest Food Drive, canned goods to be donated to Manna Food Bank, can be brought to the Sept. and Oct. meetings. In November and--December we will be collecting Yule Gifts which we will be donating to needy children. In the future, we are looking into a Valentine's day, "Give a little from your heart" blood-drive. We urge everyone to get involved in this work as this sort of work repays us by increasing our acceptance and respect in the local community. Unfortunately, Pagans are still often seen, by others, as 'wicked witches.' This is the misconception that we are struggling to dispel!!!

From our Book of Shadows:

Full Moon Chant
by Ginger Strivelli
Full moons on Sept. 25, Oct. 24)

Full of life
Silver coin
Solar wife,
Pregnant one
Magic beams
Mystic light
Future dreams
And past sight
Mirrored Sphere
Mother Moon
We do hear
The sky's rune
Full moon bright
Bless us now
With your light
Show us how
To be you
Swollen whole
Always new
Perfect soul

Holidays coming up:

Sept. 19th
Feast of Thoth
Sept. 21st
Egyptian Feast of Divine Life, celebrating the Goddess in her three-fold form of Maiden/Mother/Crone
Sept. 23rd
Autumn Equinox celebrating sacred balance
Oct. 7th
Day honoring Athena/Nike/St.Victoria/Our Lady of Victories

Suggested Reading:

  • Earth Power by Scott Cunningham
  • The Book of Goddesses & Heroines by Patricia Monaghan
  • Edgar Cayce's Story of the Soul by W.H. Church
  • As If They Were Gods by Kate Cameron
  • The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley

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