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The Leviathan Spell, or the Spell of Kingu is an evil hypnotic spell cast upon the Nubian people(Ptahites Ethiopian-Kuwshites) everywhere called ‘KINGU’. KINGU is ‘The Spell of Sleep’ (of the subconscious mind) or what is commonly known as ‘The Spell of Leviathan’ which is enforced through religious propaganda that promotes scriptures such as the Bible and Koran, as undisputable sacred books. Religion itself, is a spell. How? RELIGION IS A SPELL because it keeps you thinking that someone is going to save you, when the helping hand that you’re looking for is at the end of your arm. RELIGION IS A SPELL because it has you believing that you can’t have anything of worth until after you die, when all you have to is work for it(Refer to What is God Doing for You, Scroll #54). RELIGION IS A SPELL because it condones people turning into bums, dropouts and failures of society, when a steady income could solve most of your problems. RELIGION IS A SPELL because it has you believing in spooks and ghost, when those whom you were made in the image and after the likeness of, were physical beings. The Spell of KINGU is also enforced through the media by establishing how you should look, what you should wear, how you should feel, where you should go, where you should work, how you should spend your money and what you should eat. The Spell of KINGU is also enforced through the public school system by instilling in you since childhood, the concept of 1, 2, 3. Everything is taught to you in threes, your ABC’s your 123’s; Your nouns, PERSON, PLACE OR THINGS; THE 3 LITTLE PIGS, THE 3 BEARS, etc. The Spell of KINGU is in the mode of ‘1, 2, 3’ or ‘Persons, Places, and Things’ and there is not anything you can conceive that does not fit in either of those categories. Everything is some way based on the number ‘3’ for example: A. The three R’s = 1. Reading, 2. Writing, 3. Arithmetic B. The Trinity = 1. The Father, 2. The Son, 3. The Holy Ghost C. The Bible = Based on: 1. God, 2. Devil, 3.Humanity D. Lifestyle Concept = 1. Home, 2. Job, 3. Money in the bank. With these three methods, Religion, Media and Schools( or Sheowl meaning ‘Hell’ in the Aramic[Hebrew] Language) you have been programmed from a very young age. You have learned not to question anything that is taught to you, not even the obvious contradictions or the things lacking plain common sense. You don’t go past what you are told. You are so caught up in the Spell of KINGU, that you are unable to come up with anything new, everything you do or say has been done or said many times before."

-Dr. Malachi Z. York