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airigami news

july 2002

massive growth in airigami

Welcome to the second issue of the Airigami Newsletter, where we attempt to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of Airigami.

This month has been one of massive growth in the Airigami range of models. Only a month ago, there were only six different types of aircraft - now there are 42 distinct types. Only a month ago, there were only 29 models on offer - now there are 135. Previously, all Airigami models fitted on one website. That has also changed a little.

Due to certain capacity and bandwidth restrictions on our servers, Airigami has been forced to expand in a unique way, and so airlines are now divided between terminals. Terminal One hosts the original airlines on Airigami - plus some new ones added during June. Terminal Two, which was opened for business only a couple of weeks ago, will host many new airlines in coming months. Currently, Terminal Two serves Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Japan Airlines and Icelandair as well as classic carriers, Australian Airlines and Impulse Airlines.

Part of the expansion has been due to the introduction of large aircraft. The entire Boeing 747 family is now represented, as are the 757, 767 and 777. Airbus' large jets are also featured as well as the Douglas-McDonnell Douglas family. Hopefully, the Lockheed L-1011 and Concorde will be added in coming weeks.

Airigami's smaller scale website should also be up and running within the next month or two. Airigami:480 will feature many of the current 1:240 designs in a smaller 1:480 scale.

I hope that Airigami continues to bring as much joy to others as it does to me.

James Messner, Airigami founder and designer

this month…

The great expansion - 106 new models, including large fleets from American Airlines, Continental Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Air Canada, Air France, Southwest Airlines, Swiss Air Lines, Qantas, bmi British Midland, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines.

new for july 2002

new for july 2002

new for july 2002

new for july 2002

new for july 2002

new for july 2002

new for july 2002


1:240 scale inventory for july 2002

c  u  r  r  e  n  t      a  i  r  l  i  n  e  r  s   -   1  2  5

 Aer Lingus Boeing 737-500                                    

Air Canada Airbus A319                                          

Air Canada Airbus A320                                          

Air Canada Airbus A330-300                                  

Air Canada Airbus A340-300                                  

Air Canada Boeing 747-400                                    

Air Canada Boeing 767-200                                    

Air Canada Boeing 767-300                                    

Air Canada Tango Airbus A320                               

Air France Airbus A319                                          

Air France Airbus A320                                          

Air France Airbus A321                                          

Air France Boeing 737-300                                    

Air Jamaica Airbus A320                                         

Air New Zealand Boeing 737-300                           

America West Airbus A319                                     

America West Airbus A320                                     

American Airlines Airbus A300                                

American Airlines Boeing 737-300                         

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 (Retrojet)       

American Airlines Boeing 737-800                         

American Airlines Boeing 757-200                         

American Airlines Boeing 757-200 (Retrojet)       

American Airlines Boeing 767-200                         

American Airlines Boeing 767-300                         

American Airlines Boeing 777-200                         

American Airlines Douglas DC-10                           

American Airlines Fokker F-100                             

American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-11         

American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80         

American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-90         

bmi Baby Boeing 737-300                                       

bmi British Midland Airbus A320                             

bmi British Midland Airbus A321                             

bmi British Midland Airbus A330-200                     

bmi British Midland Boeing 737-300                       

bmi British Midland Boeing 737-400                       

bmi British Midland Boeing 737-500                       

British Airways Airbus A319 (Union Jack)             

British Airways Airbus A320 (Union Jack)             

British Airways Airbus A321 (Union Jack)             

Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300

Cathay Pacific Airbus A340-300                            

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-200                             

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-300                             

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-400                             

Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-200                             

Continental Airlines Boeing 737-300                     

Continental Airlines Boeing 737-500                     

Continental Airlines Boeing 737-700            

Continental Airlines Boeing 737-800                     

Continental Airlines Boeing 737-900                     

Continental Airlines Boeing 757-200                     

Continental Airlines Boeing 767-200                     

Continental Airlines Boeing 777-200                     

Continental Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82     

Delta Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-11                

Deutsche BA Boeing 737-300                                 

EasyJet Boeing 737-300                                         

Hawaiian Air Boeing 717                                        

Hawaiian Air Boeing 767-300                                 

Icelandair Boeing 757-200                                     

Icelandair Boeing 757-300                                     

Japan Airlines Boeing 747-300                               

Japan Airlines Boeing 747-300 (Reso’cha Blue)     

Japan Airlines Boeing 747-300 (Reso’cha Red)     

Japan Airlines Boeing 747-300 (Super Resort)  

Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400                               

Japan Airlines Boeing 767-300                               

Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200                               

Japan Airlines Douglas DC-10                                 

Japan Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-11               

JetBlue Airbus A320 (Diamonds Tail)                      

JetBlue Airbus A320 (Lines Tail)                             

JetBlue Airbus A320 (Stripes Tail)                          

Lufthansa Boeing 737-300                                     

Lufthansa Boeing 737-400                                     

Lufthansa Airbus A300              

Lufthansa Airbus A319                                           

Lufthansa Airbus A320                                           

Northwest Airlines Boeing 757-200                       

Qantas Boeing 737-300                                          

Qantas Boeing 737-400                                          

Qantas Boeing 737-800      

Qantas Boeing 737-800 (Yanayi Dreaming)          

Qantas Boeing 747-200                                          

Qantas Boeing 747-300                                          

Qantas Boeing 747-300 (Nalanji Dreaming)          

Qantas Boeing 747-400                                          

Qantas Boeing 747-400 (Wunala Dreaming)         

Qantas Boeing 767-200                                          

Qantas Boeing 767-300                                          

Qantas Link Boeing 717                                         

Qantas New Zealand Boeing 737-300                    

Shuttle by United Boeing 737-300 (Grey)             

Shuttle by United Boeing 737-300 (White)           

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 (New Colors) 

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 (Old Colors)   

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 (Arizona)       

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300 (Lone Star)    

Swiss Air Lines Airbus A319                                    

Swiss Air Lines Airbus A320                                    

Swiss Air Lines Airbus A321                                    

Swiss Air Lines Airbus A330-200                            

Swiss Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-11 

Swiss Air Lines McDonnell Douglas MD-83              

United Airlines Airbus A319                                    

United Airlines Airbus A320                                    

United Airlines Boeing 737-300                              

United Airlines Boeing 747-200                              

United Airlines Boeing 747-400                              

United Airlines Boeing 757-200                              

United Airlines Boeing 767-200                              

United Airlines Boeing 767-300                              

United Airlines Boeing 777-200                              

US Airways Airbus A319                                          

US Airways Airbus A320                                          

US Airways Airbus A330-300                                  

US Airways Boeing 737-300                                    

US Airways Boeing 737-400                                    

US Airways Boeing 757-200                                    

US Airways Boeing 767-200                                    

US Airways Shuttle Airbus A319                             

US Airways Shuttle Airbus A320                             

US Airways Shuttle Boeing 727-200                       

Virgin Express Boeing 737-300    

c  l  a  s  s  i  c      a  i  r  l  i  n  e  r  s   -   1  0

American Airlines Boeing 727-200                          

Australian Airlines Airbus A300-600                       

Australian Airlines Boeing 737-300                        

Australian Airlines Boeing 737-400

Ansett Australia Airbus A320                                 

Continental Airlines Boeing 727-200                      

Hawaiian Air Douglas DC-10

Impulse Airlines Boeing 717                                    

Impulse Airlines Boeing 717                                    

Qantas Boeing 747SP

a  i  r  c  r  a  f  t      t  y  p  e  s   -   4  2

 Airbus A300-600

 Airbus A310

 Airbus A318  

 Airbus A319  

 Airbus A320  

 Airbus A321                  

 Airbus A330-200           

 Airbus A330-300           

 Airbus A340-200           

 Airbus A340-300

 Boeing 717                   

 Boeing 727-200            

 Boeing 737-100            

Boeing 737-200  

 Boeing 737-300            

 Boeing 737-400

 Boeing 737-500            

 Boeing 737-600            

 Boeing 737-700            

 Boeing 737-800            

 Boeing 737-800 (With Winglets)

 Boeing 737-900            

 Boeing 747-100            

 Boeing 747-200            

 Boeing 747-300            

 Boeing 747-400            

 Boeing 747-SP              

 Boeing 757-200  

 Boeing 757-300            

 Boeing 767-200            

 Boeing 767-300            

 Boeing 777-200            

 Douglas DC-9-30          

 Douglas DC-9-40          

 Douglas DC-9-50          

 Douglas DC-10                              

 Fokker F-28                 

 Fokker F-100                               

 McDonnell Douglas MD-11

 McDonnell Douglas MD-80

 McDonnell Douglas MD-87

 McDonnell Douglas MD-90

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The release of Airigami designs will be relatively random, however we welcome any requests from Airigami users who would like to see a particular aircraft or airline featured on Airigami. Simply e-mail us or go to our website and fill in the appropriate form describing what airline and/or aircraft you would like.

The Airigami concept, designs, pictures, content and website are all Copyright © James Messner 2002.

This does not mean that people are prohibited from using the blank templates and making their own designs. Just don’t claim it was your idea – and don’t profit from it. That would make you a bad person. We keenly await to be e-mailed designs created by Airigami users, and we also much anticipate receiving photos of fully constructed Airigami aircraft. We would like to feature such designs and pictures on our website.