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airigami news

june 2002

welcome to airigami

Welcome to the first issue of the Airigami Newsletter, where we attempt to keep you up to date with what is happening in the world of Airigami.

This being the first issue, it is probably a good time to explain the origins of Airigami. I have been fascinated by commercial aircraft since I was very young. I accumulated a large collection of scale models over the years, but about eight years ago, I trialled something new Ė building my own scale models from paper and card. I must admit that the early attempts were nothing special. Since then, I have revised my designs and building techniques many times, and the creation of roughly five hundred such models has been the result. Only recently did I begin designing the aircraft with the aid of computer. And this is how I have been able to open the world of Airigami up to the rest of the world.

Airigami is the place to find free designs of commercial aircraft to download and build. At the moment, and into the near future, only models of 1:240 scale will be available. But in time, I hope to extend this to my favorite (but much harder to build) 1:480 range.

I donít expect that Airigami will ever become a rival to the likes of Herpa Wings and other commercial models. Indeed, Airigami is not intended to rival anything. Itís goal is to simply give pleasure to those who feel like building their own plane in roughly half an hour out of materials that might cost a few pennies.

I hope that Airigami planes provide as much enjoyment to those who build them as it does to me designing them.

James Messner, Airigami founder and designer

this monthÖ

The inaugural catalogue. To begin with, we offer 29 aircraft designs from 17 airlines. The opening month is dominated by US Airways, with the American carrier and its subsidiary, US Airways Shuttle, providing six models and Lufthansa, with four aircraft types from the German carrier on offer.

new for june 2002


new for june 2002


new for june 2002


1:240 scale inventory for june 2002

our contact details

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The release of Airigami designs will be relatively random, however we welcome any requests from Airigami users who would like to see a particular aircraft or airline featured on Airigami. Simply e-mail us or go to our website and fill in the appropriate form describing what airline and/or aircraft you would like.

The Airigami concept, designs, pictures, content and website are all Copyright © James Messner 2002.

This does not mean that people are prohibited from using the blank templates and making their own designs. Just donít claim it was your idea Ė and donít profit from it. That would make you a bad person. We keenly await to be e-mailed designs created by Airigami users, and we also much anticipate receiving photos of fully constructed Airigami aircraft. We would like to feature such designs and pictures on our website.