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Malin Quotes

"The guys wanted success but it's too much for all of us"

"When this interview is over, I’m going home to feed my little cats… and my boyfriend"

"AoB is the best Swedish product for exportation in front of Volvo"

"We don't ever travel in a plane together because I'm scared the plane will crash and we'll all die"

"In the mountains there is free air... and less taxes - that's why I go often"

"‘All That She Wants’ was originally in a major key. When I heard it the first time I said ‘You have to do it in minor, and then it will be fabulous’"

"Now we pass more time to talk about our songs than write it"

"We must be very strong psychologicaly to live AoB's success"

"Interviews are unfortunately necessary"

"I am my music, I am what I sing"

"I spend a lot of money in fines. It's my luxury, I'm parking everywhere"

"When you're 11 or 8, you want to become a princess, to become famous, to be beautiful, to do 30 things at the same time, so many exotic things, but once you grow older, you find that it's impossible. Then suddenly it works and it's like ‘Oh how can I do it from here?’ There is no high school education in being famous. I could quit this and I would still continue singing in the bathtub or the shower because I feel good about myself when I sing, but not at this level. I am my music, I am what I sing. I liked a lower level or no level at all, like a church choir"

"I'm a 'stay-at-home'"

"When I take the plane, I can't move and speak anymore. The others advised me to visit an airport. I've visited a control tower and I was sick"

"For me, this is too big. Especially with the success in America. We have to push forward but I just can’t – I want to push backwards"

"I argue with my sister when we're both tired, but we never fall out and stop talking to one another"

-Malin of Ace Of Base