Here's a list of television and radio programs Placebo have appeared on. Unfortunetly Australia isn't real good at keeping quality programs on the air, which makes it virtually impossible for touring bands to get some exposure.

Date: Saturday 24th April 1999
Performed their latest single 'Every You Every Me'. [more]

Date: Saturday May 15th 1999
For those of you who don't know Rage, it's an australian music show which is on Friday and Saturday nights around midnight til 6am. Every Saturday night has a guest presenter, usually someone that's touring at the time. [more]

Date: Saturday 9 August 2003
Their second time hosting, a new list of songs, some the same. [more]

Good News Week [Channel 10]
Date: August 1999
During their second visit through Australia they once again popped up on telelvision. This time "Good News Week" (featuring Paul McDermot, Mikey Robbins and the Sandman) has them on to sing a couple of songs. They sang Every Me Every You and Pure Morning. You can see pictures in the 'gallery'. [more]

[Channel V]
Channel V is our music channel on Foxtel(cable tv). I don't actually have it myself but I know they've been on it a few times. You'll find some pictures in the gallery section from the Channel V website.

Micallef Tonight [Channel 9]
Date: Monday 21st July 2003
Time: 9:30pm
Performed their latest single 'This Picture'.

Triple J
The Breakfast Show - Wednesday 28th April 1999
2003 - There was an interview with Brian during the year, I came into it part way through though.

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