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ICCDBB Sermon On

Timeline of Jesus Christ

December 13, 2009

You have a timeline history, as does Christ, and both within a spiritual timeline correlation. You and Jesus Christ both fit into both a physical timeline, and a spiritual timeline in the realm of GodMath. Together the spiritual, the GodMath trend; and the physical, body, and more toward worldly Relative pattern(with sub-patterns) constitute the comprehensive Absolute correlator, the cause and effect mechanism.

GodMath + Relativity = Absolutism.

Spiritual trend + worldly choices = future of civilization.

But you want to know about your immediate future (selfishly, or rather to not leave the other undone) therefore instead of worldly relative choices you can insert your timeline if you are pure. In other words, if you are unstained from the world (James 1.27), as if out of the world, and as if independent from relative terrorism, to rather be fit to properly enter the Holy of Holies with no ill thoughts toward any other [person, nor things beyond your control (unless otherwise stated by proper good authority over you, see previous ICCDBB Sermons on miracles)], then your timeline is less, if at all, of relativity and rather absolutely toward GodMath or of GodMath.

The GodMath spiritual trend is not delimited to history, the way your relative timeline is accounted in this world. Hence the more you are a blessing for others, including for Jesus Christ, the more you become aware of the future for them, including for Jesus Christ.

A person digging ditches all day becomes toward being an expert at digging ditches, as they become aware of how to attack rocks differently than loose soil for instance.

Rather, a person studying the future unselfishly for Jesus Christ can become aware in cutting edge future technologies.

Proper faith, religion, love, proper money handling, bookkeeping, timelines, events, proper analyses, all these are entered into it. These things done properly per se are entered into the future as you see it.

Rather as Jesus Christ sees it.

As you study the future properly, you study Jesus Christ properly.

Timeline of Jesus Christ on Earth

Notice what the Timeline shows. It doesn't really show much in the numbers of the years. A lay person in the field can write the numbers of the years of Jesus Christ in the flesh: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4.... Yet those numbers are not the more important things aside from helping put things in order. The more important things are events, and accordingly the more important items are the changes to those events, such as the change in public view from average child to child that can talk respectably with doctors at age 12.

Above we see the changes, at certain times for higher spiritual [GodMath] reasons. The changes are energy amounts expended proportional and sufficient unto those changes [honorable dutiful work], Tmoles (see previous Holy Speedometer Sermon on TS-moles) without excess [selfishness]: perfect energy to cause perfect change in matter, people, and in energy(ies).

While writing this Sermon my wife just surprised me with her talent for fancy extras, correlated to this Christmastime with Christmas approaching. Many in the world don't like surprises. I'm thrilled with surprises, and sometimes such extras are so-called unpleasant though can also be fun in Jesus Christ, similar to (see previous ICCDBB Sermons on miracles) restaurants. Some restaurants can be chains with weighed boxed duplicates redundantly, and those can be great! Though some other restaurants can be Mom & Pop owned family diners with uneven proportions not pre-made, so one time you can visit and get ripped-off a bit, and another time you can get far more than bargained, so at times it can be worthwhile to put-up-with some ripoffs in order to gain luck and chance without addiction. Even as addicts often know, even a ripoff can be thrilling. We don't have to follow ripoffs, yet we don't necessarily have to be offended by them.

In the above Holy Timeline Chart, Jesus Christ gave energy change per event, in good measured, pressed-down and shaken together. Included in that energy was love overflowing and outpouring faithfully in great strength and veracity.

To discuss surprises, excess, and so-called unpleasant surprises (Isaiah 53:12) is hardly the same as the actual events, though when done perfectly, the Word of God is the Deed of God, the accomplished or accomplishing victory fact of application(s).

What did Jesus of Nazareth do in his lifetime? Most of the time he was humble.

Jesus Christ did not pomp and posture himself to puff himself up in excess selfishness to surprise others by his own miraculous powers. Even at the end prior to arrest, guards didn't recognize him, he was average and unassuming (see the second page of ICCDBB Sermons: The Face Of Jesus Christ).

Excess energy absolutely therefore is selfishness toward sin. In this context, applicable to some person at times it is a self imposed barrier. In other words more than a little selfishness is a barrier against knowing the future.

This discussion now is at the point of making mind reading as if trivial. So let's examine the facts thus far.

To read a mind is counted as important and valuable (Matthew 12:25).

To read the future is counted as including the result of history times the present (see GodMath Testament).

Hence to read a mind of a person in the present or past, is included in being able to read the future.

So it is good to be a mind reader, yet better to read the future; therefore you can now add a talent properly in One Spirit for Jesus Christ, as an additional of the gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:3-13), prophet.

Jesus Christ led the people at times, in his event at age 12, asking questions and hearing, he led with questions, likely pertinent questions, with likely appropriate listening to others, listening to what they had to say even if he likely may have already known the answers better than they. He was humble, though after that age 12 event (see ICCDBB Sermon: Jesus Christ's IQ) it is likely people increasingly respected him and sought him for help. When He called His Disciples, them came: evidence of growing loving respect flourishing.

Love is greater than faith [Love x Faith = Wisdom (reference GodMath Testament)] as via love we can have a leap of faith, yet wisdom is tied to age. The Timeline shows Jesus Christ evidently humbly nurturing wisdom via love, growing in faith until endued with power from on high: the public act of Holy Baptism.

With Baptism [at the right time*] His Holy Power was released, as he started his ministry in Word and in Deed. The power he accumulated from love, his faith power, was now able to be released properly and publicly, for their benefit(s) and for good, for best, for an even more excellent future way.

The way of higher ministry is not taught as much in the 2nd Testament as in the 3rd.

The future is not taught as much in the 2nd Testament as in the 3rd.

The 3rd Testament is better than the valuable 2nd.

The 3rd Testament contains high values of the valuable 2nd Testament (Luke 10.41 & 42).

In the fun movie Scarface (no legal affiliation unless otherwise stated), the star character Tony read: the world is yours. Verily being said unto you is that in Jesus Christ the future is yours.

How you choose to build is how you reap. If you enter into the works of others, so you reap, toward crime or toward being a future blessing and even future(s) blessings with others growing in love faithfully: wisely for the righteous Lord.

Future seeds you plant today yield harvests of miracles when done properly. One day with one seed properly in Jesus Christ is worth a thousand years of seeds and plowing and planting and weeding and watering works.

Here is a warning, even to the very elect. It is a blessing counted as a surprise. It is in this following story of birds.

My loving wife again disturbed me and alerted me to the delightful fact that there were perhaps a thousand birds, come and see. I saw, and it was fun and interesting, and a delight in the Lord.

Herein is the warning: I feed some wild birds fairly regularly. My flocks were disturbed by all the new birds in town, and their concerns grew over whether there would be enough food for them and the visitors. So my free birds came close and were likely glad I stopped to feed them. The warning point is: strong faith doesn't have to be afraid. The visitor birds would not likely immediately come near within my reach (Matthew 7: 21).

Heaven, and control of the future are for those for whom it has been prepared. Therefore prepare!

The weak in faith are counted as cursed, rather improve faith with improving future success lovingly, that the weak in faith most quickly be strong in faith in Jesus Christ.

God bless you, and have a splendid day in the Lord.


The above Holy Speedometer ICCDBB Sermon is listed on Page 12 of the ICCDBB Sermons.

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