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El Cabballo(Bill Shook),Jugulur,Arysn,
Trak13, Palephace,The Diligents,
The Irritations,Beat THe Bone,Ancia,
BOda,SixBalls,Jace EDwards From 96.7 KCAL,
Darrel James From X103.9,Bob Show From 96.7 KCAL,
Geritol Paul,Goteboy,The Cornfed White Boys,
Chubbs,K.C.,Steve Hoffman From KCAL,
Todd From KCAL,Monster From Jugulur,
The Fine People From KHPY Radio Who Made The Show Possible,
Nancy Pope,Mr. Lombardo
Who Showed Me Not Everyone
Is Cut Out For Radio HaHa,
Frank-n-Stein The Backbone Of The Show,
And All The Fans Of THe Bands Who Listend
To Every Show
Goodby For Now,Dangerous Dan