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Friday!!February 9th Last Remark Stopped On In And Set The Studio On Fire With There Live Sets.They Are A Relif To Old Ears This Is A Must See Band And Yes You Can See Them At The Wiskey A-GoGo On Febuary 25th At 8pm We Will See You There!!Also You Can Order One Of There Cd's For Info Call 909-889-7071 "Last Remark"

Friday!!February 2nd Beat The Bone Was In The Spotlight Jay, Ray,&Lew So Do Your Homework And Hit The Links Page And Check Out There Webpage Don't Forget To Listen To There Mp3's And See There Pics From There Iron Maiden Tour I Hope You Listened To Them Friday!!

January 26th We We HAD El Cabballo A Great Parody Song Writer With A Great Backing by Many Artists He Is Also The Writer And Performer Of Our Theme Song "Horsey Man"Yes MY Amigo Friends He Is WEll Hung And Proud Of It.It Is Was Also El Caballos B-Day And He Played LIVE Yes Live With His Parodies Fridays At 3p.m. Only On The Spotlight!

Friday, Jan. 19th The Irritations, A New Local Band With A Distinct Sound.They Played Live And Kicked Off Live With She Tried Suicide These Guys Were Great! If You Want To Know How To Get A Copy Off There CD Including She Tried Suicide Go To Our Links Page And Click On The Irritations Webpage And Your There.I And Geritol Paul Had A Great Time,So Would Have Frank n Stein If I Diddn't Send Him To The Naam Show In Aneheim Well....I Forgot It Was Friday And Well Hes The Producer And Should Have Yelled At Me Or Something Anyway He Will Be There Every Friday From Now OnI Promise.Catch The Best Bands Friday At 3p.m. Only On The Spotlight! The Diligents!

FRIDAY January 5th "TRAK13" was in the house. What a way to start the New Year. Jeff and Chris blessed us with a Live Song "Blood Brother". This was a treat. Jeff has a Terrific Voice, well appreciated and it was Live. Thank You, TRAK13!!Jeff,Chris,Ray,and Cory are TRAK13..

We kicked off our first show with a bang! JUGULUR was in the house and went for the throats of all the listeners with a live performance of "Black Monday". Monster, Johnny Z,Mike Moore,And Jim Crum Although cramped in the studio, Jugulur played with no remorse. They were great! They also gave away a package which included a CD, T-shirt, button, and a sticker.

Congratulations to Bill

"El Caballo"

Shook who was the winner. Remember to listen every Friday on 1530AM at 3:00 for your chance to talk to our featured band and remember if you are in a local San Bernardino band or if you are going to be in the San Bernardino area contact us at 909-889-7071

Proud sponsor's are welcomed for low commercial time rates contact Nancy at 909-889-7071. Keep checking in to find out who we will be having in the house next!

On Friday December 29th, ARSYN was in studio.Bob Gates, Collin Whalen, Brett Corse and Alan Johnson

make up ARYSYN.

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