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The Panics MP3 Music Page!!

Here it is, the one and only Panics mp3 page! I'll be posting cuts from the cd, one at a time, and furthermore, posting rare, obscure rehearsals, one at a time. December's posting is from the famous April 15th, 1980 rehearsel, a reeling, woozy version of 'Substitute. I will also leave up my favorite track from the post-Panics band that Ian and I were in, i.e. the Walking Ruins. Check out the incredible track "Social Insecurity". You should be to right or left click on the title below and after downloading it, play it using Winamp. To get your version of Winamp, go to and download their free player.

Here Are The MP3's by the one-and-only Panics

'Substitute' from April 15th, 1980 rehearsel
'Social Insecurity' by the Walking Ruins

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