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  We are a group of women, of varying ages, from Cornwall. Our music is original, and often inspired by the sounds of the elements, rushing water, howling wind, storms. Working like this is exciting, and makes our music unique. We jigsaw different instruments and tempos together, using drums, percussion, sticks, gourds, balafon, and other acoustic instruments. As a performing band we have played at:- BIG GREEN GATHERING, PLYMOUTH SOUNDWAVES, DRUM BEAT 2000, GOLOWAN FESTIVAL, HOLLIFIELDS 99, WOMEN IN TUNE, ONE BIG FAMILY FESTIVAL, LAFROWDA, TREVETHICK, TUCKINMILL 99, CHARD MUSIC FESTIVAL. Our performance is lively, verging on theatrical, harmonic, and distinctive.

Joining us in some of our performances is Bach Coumba Ngom, from Senegal, with his magical, classical, balafon playing and skill as a lead drummer percussionist.

Hagalaz also run drum/percussion workshops, taught by Pip and Torr Macfarlane, both experienced workshop leaders with a successful history of teaching in schools, leading large festival sessions, and running workshops in Cornwall and other counties. These workshop sessions are for all age/ability groups, enabling people to experience their own rhythms, feel comfortable, and gain confidence with drums and percussion instruments. African drumming workshops led by Bach Coumba Ngom are not for the faint hearted, high energy rythyms straight from West Africa taught in Bach's own indominitable manner, great fun and challenging. We have a demo available and hope to load it onto this web page as soon as possible, meanwhile, please email for a demo if you are interested in either our performance or information on workshops, or both.

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

HAGALAZ band: Gabes, Pip, Claire, Torr and Sue.


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