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Gothic Glass Images

  Double Negative (My Nucleus)


Gothic Glass Images (Pt 1)

Turn The Page

Astral Twins

Sweet Taste of Hate

Fate I Embrace


Gothic Glass Images (Pt 2)

Choose Your Poison

The debut album by newcomer Gavin Jay

Access 45 seconds of each track by clicking on the track, also click here for links to music players and related sites

Gavin Jay - Guitars and Lead Vocals plus most backing vocals; Mike Miller - Bass

This album was recorded, produced and mixed at V8 Studios, New Milton, Hampshire
at various points between April 1998 and September 1999.

All music and lyrics written by Gavin Jay except lyrics on
Gothic Glass Images Part 1 (Jay/Eldegard) and music and lyrics on Turn the Page (Seger).

All lead vocals by Gavin Jay except Fate I Embrace (Jay/Eldegard)

Special thanks to Mike, Alex and Brocky for their services as backing vocals on Hydra, Fuse and Astral Twins.

Extra special thanks to Mike and Alex at V8 plus my family for all their patience and encouragement over the years without whom the album would never have been a reality.

All music (c) Gavin Jay Music 1999.