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Myron Polk… mysterious first grader from another world… one young man fate had made indiscoverable… with powers and abilities invisible to the naked eye. From high atop a lonely milkbox, plink-plink-plinking on someone else’s guitar, he sets his vocal cords on stun, and begins to sing,… sing,… SING!!!

Just who is this mystic troubadour? No one knows for certain. But, it is said that wherever there is a milkbox, he can be found crooning about life’s subtle quandaries. With his faithful sidekick, Notebook, he searches the dark night for truth, honesty (which is the same thing as truth), and translates that truth into words for Notebook to record for future reference.

Myron's latest opus, Milkbox, is now available for your approval. Months of plink-plink-plinking have paid off, and now you, too, can take home a piece of this mysterious first grader. The song list is as follows:

1. milkbox
2. genuine
3. from a muscle kar
4. kevin spacey
5. LT says
6. when you sleep
7. all we ever wanted
8. welcome to this new life
9. honest girl
10. don't leave me alone
11. the great escape
12. uptight
13. here at the end
14. telling us exactly what we want to hear

To order your copy of Milkbox, send check of money order for $8.00 to:

12 Ironwood St.
Tunkhannock, PA 18657

Myron Polk has launched a page at ( so you can listen just as if the milkbox were right in front of you. Myron is singing to YOU!!! You can almost feel the presence of Notebook as the words are unveiled! Unveiled to YOU!!!